Saturday, February 14, 2015


Yes. That is contorted. It means twisted away from regularities. Just like when you frown whenever there are things that baffles you or confuses you, your face become contorted----- Eyes becoming tad askew, mouth went slightly down to the left, cheeks became heavily dropped. Urghhh I am awful in describing things am I?

I love Sheldon Cooper. I do. Although he is a fictitious character in the beloved geek sitcom TBBT, he does make a good impression of a quality boyfriend material. He is loyal, he is smart, handsome, caring but a tad pedantic. He nitpicks everything around him. That's high maintenance yeah I know. But all his eccentric nature makes up who he is. I love hiM! kYaaa.  I even wrote a fan fiction about him duh!! Bitches be crazy. 

It's crazy how I picture him to be a husband material!!!!!!!! Duh stop living in fantasy please??????????!!

yeah i know i am now kind of contorted----- mentally!

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