Thursday, February 05, 2015

giving IS better than receiving

I don't know how but I finally managed to get the right method of synthesizing my final product. I had been haunted by so many nightmares should my method didn't succeed. The thought of having to repeat all those tests was killing me. I was distressed but still was cautiously optimistic. But somehow, I was struck by a brilliant idea that I finally managed to get my sample stable. You don't know how worried I was when I didn't get what is expected by my supervisor. Ugh. The thought of changing research topic did come across my mind. And the thought of quitting it all also came rummaging through all positive midgets in my brain.

That little hunch was given by Allah. Thank you Allah. 

And I do think you receive more blessing if you give to people. Yeah....

Precocious: Matang awal. 


Mix children often precocious because they displayed early maturity during their childhood. 

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