Monday, February 23, 2015

Laser Lemak

Now I am trying so hard to lose my weight. Breakfast at 8-9 am. Lunch at 1-2 pm. No food after 7 pm! Eat dinner at 6-7 pm only! And before going to sleep, I drink half-full glass of kangen water. And I recite 21 times bismillah, once ayat kursi, 2 kalimah syahadah and doa tidur. Really woke up to a peachy morning!!

And guess what's best? I realized I got slimmer tummy!! And it's just the third night I started the regime!!! Wahhhh!!

After this, I must drink more water to be more kurus murussss mulussss telussss gebusss..... 

UMT (22 Februari 2015)

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