Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pompous schmuck or real douchebag?

Sometimes, people are judgy. They come at you telling you this and that and what not to do and what should you do without really understand the root cause of your action. These people are mean. But sometimes, judgy people come in handy. The judgment can set things straight. 

It's good to have people underestimating us. It's good when they thought we are all stupid or reckless or poor. But in actuality, we are better than what they imagined. Whenever the moment is right and those people finally get to learn the truth, it would be a great satisfaction. 


Dea Day said...

I can relate to this on so many levels.. Thumbs up from a satisfied reader.

Jαnnαhツ said...

thanks dayah. your comment really made my day.

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