Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alma Mater

Tomorrow Chinese New year holiday. I went to the lab at 9.30 am and was shocked to see nobody has yet arrived. It was tres awkward since I am the one who always come late to the lab. Because tomorrow is off day for everyone,  people mostly went home already. But since I live a stone throw from umt, I can't take a day off lah today I must come no matter what. That's the perks of living nearby.

After about 10 minutes playing with the laptop,  Sheroro appeared with slightly widened eyes. I grinned and said

"Sedih kan takde orang dah rini huhu,"

She just grinned. Sheroro is just like me, living in the same state as umt. The only difference is that she lives farther than me, in the outskirts of kuala terengganu town.... still that's become one of thw the perks of living nearby.

K enough rants for today. Adieu

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