Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The tyranny era of the cold-blooded overlord

Sometimes those quiet people are the ones you should watch out for. Coz they are far way more hazardous than those perky and outspoken people. Unlike the latter, they tend to wrap those bad feelings and sugarcoat them and keep them far away into the locked candyroom. For some times you may feel at ease but the lock of the candy room can be easily breached when triggered by the same stimuli. And trust me,  when it happens,  you'll know how bad things are when you mess with a wolverine.

These reticent people, they hardly portray their true colours unless to those trusted enough. And you don't know what stirs inside that big head of them. You can't predict their actions. And mostly things seem to backfire at you whenever you had spat with these people and its scary to face that. 


Hope you don't coz I'm just rambling wahahahahhaha.

Famous cold blooded overlord (muahahaha)

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