Sunday, March 01, 2015

Gleefully Glorious Getaway

Geli2 gitu trip kita ke Sarawak kali nie ye? Hahaha. Sementara tunggu flight delay at Kuching airport why don't we talk about something interesting? Hehe. 

I really enjoyed my stay here in Sarawak. It's fun to mingle around these people of the postgraduate realm. Though initially I was all nervous that I went to toilet so many times before presentation! What a nervous nelly!

But I managed to go through the presentation and it was fun when people are interested in whatever we are doing. They asked interesting question and made me feel good about the research I'm doing. Well, sometimes other people appreciate more of whatever we have. Aight?

The best part was when we had dinner together on our last day of conference. Our group was of 8 people and according to Chinese belief number 8 symbolizes good luck and longevity. So they say. 

I really love how Dr Surya took charge of lightening everyone's mood. He came from Indonesia. We were laughing happily, talking casually and taking photos randomly. Two of the students came from Swinburne University Kuching: Akshay from India and another one Nigerian guy whom name remain undisclosed. Lol. 

At the end of the dinner, there was award giving ceremony. Four persons who win the awards came from our table!!! Wow so lucky so prosperous. Weeee.

Hoang - best prpresenter
Dr Surya - best presenter
Nurul Huda - best presenter
Nor Jannah - best paper award

Yeay alhamdulillah. 

P/S: Doa mak ayah lah yang menjayakan aku. Redha Allah kan terletak pada redha mak ayah? gitewww


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Tarniah. Cndekiawan gtewwww. Sy xle byg lg present bnd2 cmni

mochakuniya said...


Jαnnαhツ said...

mekasih mekasih.... ala nadhirah da habis master. lg syok hehe

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