Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Pain of Waiting

It was the longest 10 hours of my life! Having to wait at the Kuching Airport from 11 am to 9 pm was completely strangling me! I finally understood the feeling of those people who were having a long flight delay and feeling trapped inside the very hectic airport looking at people making faces and even get to indulge in some of the interesting events including the act of telling off those people at counters by dissatisfied customers. It was like being shackled to the lowest dungeon in a far farrr away country. Yeah to be fair, Kuching is far from Terengganu: it's over the South China Sea for crying out loud! And the only mode of transportation was by air! Unless you have some overrated skills of swimming that allow you flapping your fat arms 500 knots per hour across the sea, which I assume is impossible. Duh!

Just like what a fella told us,

"First time coming to Kuching but this kind of thing happen."

We just hastily smiled at the words of a stranger blown to our faces, who harbors no ill will to us. Yeah it was the first time being in Kuching and having to face such ordeal. Air Asia did give a bad impression on me after the hideous incident. Indeed it was so excruciating that it drained all our energy and mental agility to its very last drop. We were being denied from boarding an aeroplane and being forced to wait for a very trying 10 hours. It was a disaster. I had never been in such a frantic situation as this one. Never did it happen to me. In fact, none of my relatives or neighbours ever told such story. Just like what my cousin told me, "Hari ini dalam sejarah.". It's like one in a million kind of story and we are lucky to be a part of it. We are the chosen one. God put us in this trial because we are special.

Nevertheless, apart from the delay thing, the sojourn at Kuching was nothing but gold. It was fantastic. Getting to escape the hectic life at UMT, slogging my ass off weeks after weeks getting all those avalanche of works done really get me refreshed. It was like a holiday prize. And I really loved it!! (despite the extremely exhausting delay).

International participants of ICLSS 2015 organized by IPN Network, Shah Alam

Dinner banquet. The food? Awesome. The amazing meal was perfected by the casual conversations among the members of the table. We laughed and took photos together. As if we had known each other for a long time already. It was prosperous. That nice ambiance had added some kind of je ne sais quoi to the soiree

The one on the extreme left is Hoang, a Vietnamese student who studies in Pusan International University, Korea.

Chinese foods

With Nurul Huda, PhD student from UTP who was awarded the Best Presenter.

Unexpected (speechless)

 Strolling around Sarawak River

Was jaw-dropped upon seeing overly cheap giant lobster!!!!!!!! Felt like crying cause didn't get to buy these since they would rot before we could get home. Bye bye giant lobstersss!!! *sobs*

tak de maknanya world best. lambat kemain delay. grrrrrr!

Bak kata Intan Baizura, muka dah macam ayam berak kapur lepas touch down kat Terengganu Airport. Kahkah~

I still remember the moment when I was having lunch at Kuching International Airport on a free voucher of Only Mee given by AirAsia as a poorly executed effort of reparation for the flight delay (so much reimbursement for a very long 10-hour delay!). I was fiddling with my food (well how could one still have a decent appetite in the middle of such anarchy/havoc) with the typhoon of these mixed feelings rumbling inside my head when I suddenly heard a familiar music playing in the air of despair and angst. I was like beguiled by the sweet melody. The mellifluous rhythm somehow soothed that troubled state of my mind. It was amazing how therapeutic the sound was. I guess it was an OST from Jang Nara's My Love Patzzi drama. The song was like a remake of a music box song. It was sweet and calming that I temporarily forgot about the troublesome day. Ma sha Allah!

And I definitely love the way several Chinese customers shouting at the face of the guy with walkie talkie on why the hell did the flight delay had been stretched. We just demanded a sensible explanation, that's all. It's a common right of a customer who spend money for you to make your ends meet. Just like our patience which had been stretched to the very limit of its boundary, these fired up people were asking for explanation vociferously regarding the rebound delay. After a delay at 6.35 pm, they said it would be taking off at 8.30. but yet at 8.30 pm., there was no calling for boarding. What on earth is wrong with these people??? I couldn't brain that. The people were getting all riled up with the madness hence triggering the big uproar at the counter. Me? I was trying to extract some sane explanation as well from those people by making a scene and screaming so loud they might have a heart attack, but when I saw some other customers already lived my dreams, I halted. Just imagine how would those people at the counter feel if more people were gonna be piling on the angry school of boiling tunas. Hahhahaha (so much for a pity conscience). I just stood there with my both hands on my waist while trying to make formidable stature (lol). 

One thing for sure, the scolding really made these people worked up. We finally got on the aircraft at 9 pm. If not because of the telling offs and shoutings, we probably still being denied boarding. Yeah, sometimes you need to stand for your right, and never let people take advantage of your silence. Fight for your right and never stand back. Be brave!!!! You can do it....Claim your right!!!!

I got a lesson from the incident. Only whenever you are away from home that you would miss home. Listen to Let Her Go by Passenger, you'll know more about not taking things for granted.

travelling companions

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