Friday, March 20, 2015


Suka tengok pelakon Delina nie. Tapi aku tak suka tengok drama Delina yang bagi aku tersangat lah mengarut dan derivative. Maybe nak tiru movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids kot. Seriously it is a bad attempt. Really bad. Not only the storyline is weak, the CGI is also bad. Ugh.

I saw this girl in youtube ads about a brand of sunblock and to me she is a lovely girl. And I cannot help but noticing that her face has resemblance to a Japanese actress, Kuroki Meisa.

meisa kuroki photo kuroki-meisa.jpg

Minah ni first time aku tengok berlakon filem Heavenly Forest. Sangat gorgeous. Gadis kacukan Jepun Brazil kalau tak silap. Crows Zero pon dia berlakon gak ngan Oguri Shun. The Delina actress and this woman really have that verisimilitude, at least to me. Ahha~

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