Friday, March 13, 2015

What defines beauty


That's what you yell when you see a tall, skinny, alabaster-skinned model stomping feet on that slippery lane of fame. But what truly defines beauty?  Some says beauty is subjective that what seems beautiful to some people may not be beautiful to some others. However we are in accord when we say Angelina Jolie is beautiful,  Britney Spears is beautiful, Princess Diana is beautiful.  So there is actually a set and fixed definition of beauty (agreed by a set of people) to an extent hard to be scrutinised. There is fine line that define this whole concept of beauty. Its an obscure subset of philosophy.

But more figuratively,  beauty is not something that meets the eyes. Yes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but to me, beauty holds much bigger than that.

To me beautiful is the ability of making people around you happy. The readiness of one to sacrifice for other's sakes is so much more beautiful than adorning a lavish billion dollar worth of a jewellery set. Beauty is also about giving more to others and care for others as much as you care for yourself. It's about concerning people and the willing to lend a hand of sympathy and emphaty in their times of need.

Beauty is not measured by the skin. It's the heart that matters. People who are rich are not the ones with billion dollars of money. Rich people are those with rich heart that treats people equally without discrimination and partiality. 

Beauty means you put your needs aside for the sakes of others. It's about selflessness. Taking care of other people without expecting anything in return is another kind of beauty. Well it's like what they say, if you do kindness to expect people to return such kindness to you in the future, it's called business. Trust me, the best kind of business is the one with Allah: you do kindness in hoping that the reward will be kept in the bank for the hereafter. Believe in that and the profit would be so overwhelming.

Beauty means putting a benevolent and honest smile that spreads positivism to other people around you. THAT'S why smile is a sedeqah in Islam. It evokes the charms of happiness in our microcosm of life.

Ciao happy feet.

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