Sunday, April 19, 2015

Swag Giddiyup

She is that kind of girl who enjoys being around family and friends. She always listens to others and is emphatic on other's miseries. However good she is at reading people and understanding them, people don't seem to understand what she was going thru. And she did not expect them to really understand her.

Being an enthusiastic person, she always clings to people she trusts. Winning her trust is not easy but it's such a precious price to win. Because once she trusts, she took that to the grave. When she loves, she loves unconditionally. She could be as loyal as hell and hates too much as well.

She is very adept at reading people's expression and she knows exactly what people think. She could read people around her like books.  She can see through a person like that of gamma ray. As if being possessed by some kind of telepathic power, she could easily fit in any shoes. She knows when to break bad news to people and is really good at solving other problems but when it comes to solving her own problems she often meets stumbling block. She really hopes to have someone who can understand her and accept her just the way she is.

In most cases, she'd follow the flow and hardly protest because of her very nature of simply bending to public opinions. She could hardly have her own stand and fight it. She has no rigid principles. She felt lost without her favourite people to support her amidst any harsh conditions.

It's often that she'll harbor her bad feelings rather than broadcast them to other people. To her, bad feelings are not for other people to taste.  she never let herself to look weak and weary. She's a woman of pride. She did not mind when people are making it hard for her but she doesn't fancy the idea of having to put others into miseries just to ease her pain.

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