Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good writer bad writer


I feel the slight tingle to write something today. Since I really love writing,  I feel like writing about tips on how to be a good writer. It's not like I am an expert or what but the truth is when you enjoy doing something and you put your whole lot of efforts in that thing, you'll be adept to every details of it, rendering you a better person or forte in that particular field. Okay here we go!

In order for one to be a good writer, one need to read a lot. You need information before you can convey it in a text and make it fathomable to anyone reading it. So read more to learn more. Be it newspapers,  novels, books,  articles,  journals etc. Reading is essential for one to obtain valid information,  apart from carrying out a research in which you'll have to validate the data and compare with previous studies.

When you read, you will, at the same time, learn the structures of the sentences and the lingo dance. What is the lingo dance? It's not like that limbo dance (hahahha) but it's about how the sentences and words are arranged and woven into a reading material. Lingo or language differs from one writer to another. The lingo usually depends on the cultural background or the influence of other factors.
And do not forget, that one thing that matters most - grammar!

If you don't have good grasp on grammar there is no way your essay is gonna stand out. To me, apart from taking a grammar class, you should read more to polish your grammar in writing. When you read more you'd get used to english grammar. Grammar is like an SOP to carrying out a specific task which in this case is writing.

Furthermore when you read, you'll gain new vocabularies that can be used in your writing. Do you know how refreshing learning a new word can be that a research had recently found out that the joy of learning new words stimulates the same region in the brains  as sex does? Now I know why I feel euphoric when I learn new words from my reading. Yeah!

To me, writing and reading are interconnected. You can't write if you have no info. And you cannot have info if you don't read. As simple as that. And the most important thing to take note on, try to inculcate the seed of writing in your heart. You do better in anything you love and enjoy doing. You can be good in writing if you love writing.

There is no rigid style on how to kick start a hell of a writing (oops I'm gonna be throwing a little bit of cursing words here and there). That what makes writing wonderful!!!!

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