Thursday, April 09, 2015

Mode Matang

Seriously I am feeling the strong sense of wanting to find my significant other. I feel like I am so ready to become someone's wife. It's something that is hardwired in women's brains I guess. At some point of our life, we feel the urge to find our soul mates. We yearn for someone who'd care for us and love us just the way we are.

But it's not that easy to find someone that can cope with our downfalls and smirk foolishly at our idiosyncrasies, which at the end usually met by laughter. Those things are usually done by our closest friends. We don't not know whether our demeanor is bearable to that person. Hurmmm. I wish I know. I wanna be with someone who'd just listen to every problem I have and be ready to accept my both sides of good and bad. I wanna an understanding man that can make me feel good about every bad mistake I make or decision I take. I wanna find someone who can accept my family and guide me thru my religion. I don't care about the money. Money can come later.


most importantly, I wanna have someone who can be loyal to the end of my life. I can be extremely loyal when I get so attached to someone so I hope that man can be the same. Hmmm. When I hate someone, I do hate, and I'd not expect anything from that someone, meaning I'll lose confidence on him/her and underestimate their abilities whatsoevaaah. It's a very scary extreme nature of me. If I say NO, then it's NO. When I say YES, it is YES. CAPITAL Y E & S!

Yes, you do live once only and you do hope that love will last forever

Till then...


amer afizal azmee said...

its okay, he will meet you.:)

amer afizal azmee said...

its okay, he will meet you.:)

erma comel said...

I feel the same. But yeah..someday we'll meet him!

Jαnnαhツ said...

yeahhhh... doa doa lah. jodoh itu dekat cuma masa je tak sampai lagi....

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