Sunday, May 17, 2015


"Kenapa you buat material dual layer nie? Apa yang special pasal produk you nie Jannah?"

"Macam mana nak apply ubat nie?"

"Kalau orang luka kat tangan, boleh bersukan tak masa pakai produk you nie?"

"Kalau orang yang sakit tu guna produk you and nak semayang, boleh tak ubat luka nie kena air?"

"Produk ni boleh melekat ke dekat tangan?"

"Dual layer nie tahan lama mana kalu simpan? Kalau macam student saya yang buat lebih kurang macam you punya produk 2-3 hari letak atas bench da kulat,"

"Kenapa you guna ibuprofen? Kalau macam saya ni allergic kat ubat ibuprofen boleh ke nak pakai?"

"Kenapa kena letak drug? Kalau gellan gum dan chitosan tu saja tanpa tambah apa2 jenis ubat boleh tak?"

"Kenapa bukan chitosan yang sembuhkan luka? Kenapa gellan gum? Tak pernah dengar pun gellan gum nie."

"Chitosan you guna dari scratch ke? You buat sendiri ke raw material?"

"Kenapa you pilih bakteria nie? Apa kriteria pemilihan you?"

"Dah komersialkan ke?" (sambil belek-belek kotak produk)

"Pernah test dekat tikus ke? Pernah mintak kawan-kawan cuba pakai tak?"



Itulah antara soalan yang dilemparkan kepadaku semasa Minggu Inovasi@UMT baru-baru ini. Menarik bukan? Hm. Memang tak dinafikan menarik betul soalan-soalan yang diajukan itu namun aku lah yang berpeluh-peluh sambil terkial-kial menjawab soalan itu!  Tak lupa juga aku jualah yang terkulat-kulat macam ulat bulu hahahahaha (gelak mintak penampar).

Despite the storming questions I got at the event, it was invigorating to be having fresh insights into the research given by those keen and interested visitors who came by my lovely booth. I was a bit nervous and all but at the end, I managed to answer the questions appropriately. It was more like a discussion I guess. Having all those people interested with whatever we do makes us feel appreciated. Though I can't say my research has that humongous chunk of impact on the society, but it's good to have the chance to share new knowledge to people out there about the advancement of the field I am currently in. Sharing is caring aight? Because we care that we share.

Masa mula-mula kena judge, aku rasa tenang je. Mungkin sebab that professor was emanating some kind of positive vibes which make me inexplicably calm. His name is Prof Dr Wan Mohd Norsani Wan Nik. Mula-mula dia datang, dia tanya apa produk yang aku buat nie and he seemed intrigued. I was then explaining to him regarding my project. He was listening with so much interest. He had this dad-like figure and was so mature in terms of his verbal projection. After I articulated all my subtle points, he mumbled to himself, saying some indistinct rhetorical question of whether he could have evaluated me at that moment or not. I shrugged in confusion and after some awkward moments he left, saying that he would return soon after confirming. I just nodded. After a talk by Mr Law from Revongen that morning, I returned to my booth to see him and a woman standing by my desk looking on my display items. I then hurried to my booth. He then asked me to explain using the video montage I had prepared before. When I came to explaining why did I use ibuprofen for pain-reducing effect, he said something I found a bit flattering yet amusing.

"We used ibuprofen in this topical formulation because we want to reduce the pain at the wound bed. The external use of the drug can reduce the bad consequences of the drug taken orally (such as ulcer) to our gastrointestinal linings," while rubbing my stomach.

"Eh macam doktor cara awak cakap nie,"

I was like, WHAT?? Flattered and blushing at the same time HAHAHAHA.

Malu lah jugak and I hastily wiped out those narcissistic feelings with a smile. Heee~~~~

Judge kedua Dr Zul. Hihi. Klakar Dr Zul. 


Dr Zul ni bidang kosmetik. Kepakarannya, buat losyen. 

Banyak jugaklah soalan yang Dr Zul ajukan. Dan aku agak menggigil lah jugak nak jawab. Hehe. Dr Zul jenis yang suka menduga. 

"Betul ke Jannah?" with that smirking face of him strangling the ambivalent me. But his smug was not that all intimidating. It was more like a friendly gesture. Haha.

Hehe. Klaka Dr Zul. Doubtful and playful orangnya. 

All in all, what I learn is that you need to learn the way to overcome the shortcomings of your works. No worries coz there are plenty rooms of improvement. And no matter how much you wish you can flaunt your idea or invention, you also need to acknowledge every single flaw you perceive in the process. This is vital route of improvement - to acknowledge whatever loopholes you find for your research to thrive better in the future. There is no need to mask all those negative results just to be perceived as the best by those people. Because everyone is bound to making mistakes once in a while. It wouldn't hurt to bend to this very nature of human being. Because we are not perfect. And that's how a world of research is built. It runs on the veins of the shortcomings and blunders our ancestors and predecessors committed before and we are here to straighten things back. 

Being a part of this thing was none of even my wishful thinking. But after being shoved in by my supervisor, I finally gave in to participating this event that broadcasts students' impending inventions. It's so true when people say ''you may not like it but it is actually good for you'' and most probably the saying comes from Allah's commands in Quran. 

P/s: never be afraid to learn.

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