Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wake up!

There are times when I feel so distant from my research. It feels like the research is eluding me. It feels like the research strays away too far from me that I find it hard to grab it back. Or.... maybe it was me trying to escape the things I am doing. I feel lost. Especially right now.

Maybe it stems from the fact that I currently halted from my lab work to focus on the preparation for Inovasi@UMT last week therefore I set my alarm off and get off from the rail for some time.  And whenever I got  back onto the wagon I get this awkward feeling--- feels like being unwelcome into your own house. Feels like a total recluse and pariah. Feels like being unwanted, drifted away. Oh Allah how should I overcome this feeling?

And to make matters worse, I got sick on Sunday hence the MC. On Monday I was feeling okay and went to lab. On Tuesday I came in in the afternoon after going to the town to settle my sister's new ID. Then I went to 'pasar malam' to buy foods. I ate so many food! And I know as a result of being such a glutton,  I felt sick during the night. The combination of kebab daging, nasi air, keropok, ayam goreng and putu piring (are you a monster?) finally caused major turbulence inside my tummy. Yeah I know I have sensitive stomach but when I got hungry I'll eat like there is no tomorrow and till my stomach bulges. Ugh.

As a consequence,  I got headache and runny nose. Maybe some food was contaminated that I suddenly become sick in the night. What baffled me was my other siblings didn't experience such mishaps like I did. I began to think how unlucky I got after devouring the whole lot of food galore from pasar malam. Duh sendiri mau ingat lah.

Wednesday and Thursday I skipped lab coz I woke up to  bad mornings with straining back pain and heating head. Huhu. So I don't get to finish my works that I should complete this week.

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