Monday, June 29, 2015

Erudite of Urban Detritus

Are you Abnegation, Erudite, Or Dauntless? Or perhaps factionless? Yesterday I had become an Erudite by going to the library to use the PC there since my laptop has been malfunctioning since God knows when. Duh!

I was sure that there is a space for students to use PC but since I don't spend much time in the library, I ended up asking the receptionist who gave me a weird look when I asked,

"Erm, excuse me. Is there a place where I can use a computer?"

"Over there,"

She said while pointing to the area far behind me. The look on her face was like saying "you never come to library before? how come you not know the PC room?".  Erm, something like that.

It was not exactly a room, per se, but there are desks and chairs and of course desktops in an open air area. It was cosy though; with all the humid cold atmosphere and several other Erudites minding their own business not even bother to greet me HELO or what. Of course there is no such thing - it's a library for crying out loud!  Silence is self explanatory.

I found the place so calming that I get to focus writing my thesis. Yeah I know where my hideout after this. Hohoho.


detritus - remnants/residue/debris/wreckage/ashes

Erudites- people who acquire knowledge through studying

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