Monday, June 22, 2015

McBoulette Laparotomy: the girl who eats too much

Hm. Good attempt of concealing that fatty arm by wearing black blouse. Good one.


I have an issue here - a sensitive stomach. Every time I eat too much food, I'll get headache. My tummy start growling and I feel lethargic. Sometime, I can feel this pinch in my abdomens, especially my left intestines. Because of this tummy as well, I am getting so fat. Just imagine my weight was about 69 kg alone last 2 months but now it has elevated to 70 kg!! I had major problem of getting clothing of my size as it is. Just imagine what'll happen if I am going to go for 75 kg????? Argh this is depressing!

I must say that I do have the very intention to drop several kilos. I think what would be best is to have body mass of 60 kg then only I'll have stable BMI. At the moment I am of 70 kg with BMI of 24.2. Although it seems like I have normal weight, I cannot sit still and idle because the weight will always rise if I don't find ways to cure this stomach issue. I am scared. 

Ye ke normal weight? Rasa berkepal macam asam gumpal dah nie. Ugh~

p/s: boulette means bulat. laparatomy is the incision of stomach which I really hope to do coz I want to clean my stomach, dirty stomach with all the mucoid. 

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