Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Blessing in Disguise

I am currently being troubled by the fact that my laptop is not with me since the screen is broken and I had to wait for another 2-3 weeks, tops, for the screen to be repaired. It is such a pain in the arse to come here to the library and to do my thesis writing using public PC since everything is there in my laptop, especially ENDNOTE software. How am I gonna sync my references without ENDNOTE?

Furthermore, I have nobody to talk to and I start to feel bored. Usually I can become so talkative that I don't bother chatting for 2 hours straight till all my works were left hanging. Once I flip the 'talkative' switch, it just simply gets tougher to stop being a flibbertigibbet. Hahhaha. However, one thing I really appreciate here is the ability to focus on my works. I get to be absorbed in my works with all the noises being dissolved into the background and I am happily doing my works. It's just that sometimes during the interval, I do hope there will be someone whom I can talk to. 

Though I had become a little bit more productive spending my time in the library, I can't help to miss all the social contacts with my friends. So my bottom line here is, I don't know if I can study happily in the oversea without presence of friends. I am nervous.I really need to get used to being alone and survive just being with myself; relying myself and not pinning too much hopes on others. I really need to kick-start a conversation to offer a hand of friendship. Yes, I ought to do that. I really need to get a hang of that since I am the kind of people who'd wait for friends to come rather than making the efforts to look for friends. I need to beat the devil in me and open myself to openness. I need to crack down the egoism and walk with humbleness and sincerity.  

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