Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jefferson Starships

Salam alls.

Aku berharap sangat-sangat bahawa no matter how hard the conditions/situations that people put me in, I can still stand very tall and proud. I wanna be a bulletproof person that no matter harsh those bullets of words are bombarded right into my face, I can still smile and walk away with no regret, revenge, nor even a speckle of hard feeling whatsoever. Like those strong coconut trees planted alongside the rough tides which keep waving no matter how hard the wind gust came in their directions, they still remain intact with the ground, giving a shelter to birds and other sea animals. The trees are so strong no matter how hard it is shaken by wind or waves, it never collapse to the ground. I want to have a strong soul which helps me feeling content with all aspects of my life, making me impervious to all threatening words, stares or glares. 

Just like the very insensitive words of;

"Hey bila nak kawen nie? Tua dah tak kawen kawen lagi," (cynically)

Sometimes, I really feel a bit jealous seeing all my friends get married and having families. Yes I do. But it's beyond my power and capability to determine when is my jodoh- where and when will I meet with my significant other. The question baffles anyone as much as to when we are all gonna die. Yes. Of course it is. It's something we don't know. Just believe in Allah. Truthfully, being solo is not that bad. You have all the time for yourself. You do things just for yourself and you don't have to mince much words just to avoid hurting the one you love (I bet married couple are much prone to bickering when they don't mince words). I guess so. And you can do anything you want without having the other half feeling concerned all over. Ahha. Maybe I just want to think positive about this but I do, sometimes, feel to urge to get married. It's just maybe the time is not right. Maybe in the near future I'll get married. Who knows? And yet again, who am I to say that I am gonna be happy if I get married? You's never know until you try. You might have heard what they say how a marriage is like a gamble. Scary right?

So to wrap things up, I really need to prepare myself so that I won't hurt that much when these insensitive peeps asking me those revolting questions. Maybe I need to come up with better plan to embrace myself and become stronger in such critical situations.

Second day of Eid. Donning blue robe from the previous matrimony of my cousin. Turquoise polyester with dark green lace embroidery.

Kucing pun nak raya jugak. *lol*. kucing ekor gebu.

p/s: I don't know why I always end up putting unrelated post title for my blog. ugh.

hahahha this one really cracks me! all hail Jensen Ackles. Jefferson starships lolsss... a newly developed monsters hybrids by Eve in Supernatural. Is it somewhat related to me trying to keep my cool self in this context of facing difficult questions? IDK dude. 

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