Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Soul

Dear soul. Please be hardworking. Please read more. If you read more you will know a lot of things. You will eventually be alert with your surrounding. If you read more you will be street wise. You need to be adept at understanding cues on people's face and body expressions/stature. Yes. I do feel that I am adept at reading people's face. Just like the one I experienced with Kak Ros before. I saw her stature to be so troubled which triggered me to pop up a question "Kak Roih ada masalah ke?"

And to my surprise, she did have a problem of which I couldn't really help much. I do hope that that short time she spent sharing her little problem with me really could soothe her troubled soul. I must learn more about psychology. I love understanding humans. Humans are lovely and yet mysterious beings we have to uncover. 

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