Saturday, August 29, 2015



I watched such a horrendous video yesterday. It was about a girl corpse being slaughtered and organs harvested to be sold!!!!! It was macabre. It was grotesque. I was overwhelmed with disbelief and terror. I was shaken all over. To be able to see such cruelty and brutality gave me deleterious after effects. I saw a dead girl being laid down on the steel bed - naked. Her body was elevated by something put behind her back. Her arms and lower legs were burnt, as if she was tormented physically before her death. I guess there could be other forms of mental torture as well judging from 
her physical traumas.

An indian man with a meat knife hold the body and started carving the body,  taking out the vital organs to be sold to the black market. It makes me teary to think of the girl's soul feeling such a pain in the hands of the hideous and cruel man of crime. Not to mention the sad gloomy faces of the mourning bereaved family members. I bet everyday her family is distraught and were in despair thinking of how was their daughter being held captive by kidnappers and whether their daughter was still alive or dead or even worse being sold to pimps to live the lives of whores. It's too horrible.

Just imagine what would you feel if this incident happened to your own family???!!! Imagine you get abducted on the way back home from evening stroll when suddenly a white van snatched you into the backseat with chloroform-soaked cloth on your face that you were knocked down unconscious and when you come to your senses you were tied up on the dark room in the middle of nowhere,  just waiting to be tortured mercilessly in all possible excruciating ways and to be slaughtered by those heartless inhumane beings!!!!!  These horrid life episode just for extracting your precious organs!!!!!! Ya rabb. I don't think I can forgive these people. They should be put to DEATH and no amnesty should be blessed upon them.

I just don't understand how can the man heartlessly record the whole scene of grotesque and obscenity. And I don't think this being is human. They are barely humans. They should be called beasts - animals!!!! Even animals don't do these to their own species. Though I can never erase or undo the things I saw in my memory boxes, the things that I see made me realise that life is not safe - like at all. It's so sad. What makes me sadder is that amidst these blooming occurrence of abductions all over the country called Malaysia, police in its statement denies the allegations regarding the children abductions for organs harvesting. It was too sad and too much for me- for all my fellow caring Malaysians. We care for safety of our country but we had to put our fate in the hands of treacherous wolves wearing shepherd's mask.

My heart goes out to the notion of PEACE. It's no longer here. Peace is dead.

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