Wednesday, August 12, 2015


"You really need to sort out your priorities, "

Jamie said to me. He looked into my eyes while stuffing that super hot noodles into his wide open mouth. The clump of noodle was so big some of the people gave us weird looks.  Even some of the hot gravy spilled over in front of my laptop. I pinched him so hard he almost fall off the chair.

"Oouch! Why did you do that?"

Jamie squeaked in pain. He rubbed his arm.

In remained silent. Got back to being pensive.

" I tell you what. You are not mad with your brother. You're mad with yourself,"

Jamie continues his ramblings. I just let him say whatever he wanted to say while letting him finish the hot bowl of noodles.

"No Jamie. I am mad at you,"

I replied.

"What? Erm one question. What do I have anything to do with your anger? I am pretty sure you are mad with yourself aight".

He smugged. He knew I was being sarcastic. Jamie reached out to hold my hand. I dodged.

"Yeah. I am pretty much sure you are the one I'm madly angry with right now. Yeah.... it IS you,  Jamie, "

Jamie choked his noodles. I laughed.

"Wha... what?? What did I do honey? "

He hurriedly wiped the noodles and pulled me away from the cafe. I was laughing so hard inside and trying to hold myself together.


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