Saturday, September 12, 2015

Letting Go.

I am fighting this bad feeling. I am trying to pull myself together.


Dear Jenny, Knowledge should make you more humble. Shame on people who become so arrogant with the knowledge they  acquire. Be successful. Ignore negative comments! Improve yourself by upgrading knowledge. You are a champion, you can be a leader, you have prospect in life and can succeed as much as others do. be nice to people, do not take people for granted. Smile. Respect people, dream big, make yourself useful JANNAH.


I had a big epiphany today. I suddenly think big. I wanna let go of those negative feelings and go on with my life. I must be strong. I must bulk up with confidence and all that poise. I must strive. I have no looks. I have no money. So I need to find knowledge to get money. And to support myself physically and mentally. I must attain knowledge by hook or by crook. I need to ameliorate this burning wounds inside my heart by spritzing them with essence of self belief and self consciousness. I must wake up. Buckle up, it's a new brave world lady! 

I need to stir my troubled moxie to steer my wheel of life. I need to keep firm on my wagon. I must be industrious to keep my ends meet. Though I am not as affable as others, I try my best to mingle around and make friends. It is quite pernicious - the conditions I am now. I feel helpless, hopeless and careless. Why do I stay heartbroken? Please, I must fight this. You must do this Jannah. Let go. Let go of it all. Be strong. Be independent. Ingat ALLAH. Dia Maha Mendengar. Pick up the smithereens of your broken heart and put them back together. There is no way those living in vainglorious life could ever sip the sweet nectar of heavens. NO! You must suffer before you get paradise. Never will a Muslim is instilled with faith unless he is tested. Yeah. Get ready for those tests. No matter how you overlook things in life, there are always anomalies. No matter how rigid you are in adhering to the rules and laws, things tend to go into diverging paths. Never let animosity consumes you. Let go of it Jannah. Let go. Then only you will be happy. Letting go of those painful memories is analogous to scraping off those piercing thorns inside your flesh. Let it gooo. Let it gooo. Let no friends be foes. Let no dreams be creams, 

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