Monday, September 28, 2015

The Knot.


This is like the first BIG event ever in our lot! It was awkward to have so many people coming to our house for the first time lahhhh. Well it is an event in the celebration for the wedding of Mie and Haniey. Of course people will come, ho ho ho. Walimatul Urus, sambut menantu, you name it. family friends relatives - all meek in the same place to enjoy the food, the scenery and the togetherness. After so long being away from one another, we finally get to catch up with our life and share experiences. Huhu.

The weather was nice and it gave good effects to all pictures taken and thus rendered breathtaking results. The air was good the sky was bright. Happiness, sense of gratitude and belongingness filled the air. It was so good to be able to breath the same air with you guys. So, bear no hard feelings, have fun and take a stroll through the memory lane reminiscing good moments by scrolling through the pages. Yeahh!

1) Photo booth

What I love the most from all these pics is the happy faces of the kids. Since most spot was decorated with balloons, I guess kids had gone a wee bit crazy over the sight of dangerously tempting balloons dangling all over the place. I even distinctively remember some kids even throwing tantrum and screamed "I want the balloon!! I want the balloon!" while stomping their feet and rolling on the floor, But once you hand them the balloons, the frown instantly turned to smiles. It was as simple as that right? And wanna know whats the best part of it? You'd feel very happy seeing those kids giving you that dewy eyed benevolent smiles at you. That's why they say give others happiness to gain your own happiness. That was that much I figured out. 

And they were happy too to scribble and doodle through the pages using colourful markers I provided. Kids are carefree, right? How I wish to sip the nectar of innocent childhood once again. Hurmmm.

2) Pelamin

3)  Rombongan pengantin

4)   Manifestation of Moments (photographer: Nodin, back up photographer: Jannah, additional photos: Sa and Nadhrah). Peace.

Ayarkkk sape ni photo bomb nie? Seb baik comel budak pipi pau Korea nie. Hahaha!

kemah keming boh. kalau bahasa omputih kita sebut dead knot

Makan beradab.

Mini Outdoor Shooting. Site deco: Abah trim rumput ikut huruf pangkal nama.

Alamak, bayi Korea nangis la pulak! Hahahahah~

I can feel the blooming happiness everytime I look back and browse through these pictures. I can spontaneously curve out a smile on my face when I recall all the funny incidents on that day. It feels warm and hearty. That's probably why we cannot live all by ourselves, for a human is created for one another. We are strong when we are a flock of feathers. We must appreciate each other, overlook each other's mistakes and stay rigid in the hands of friendship and kinship. 

Habluminallah wa habluminannas.

That's all.

So who's next to join the club?????

krik krik krik...




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