Saturday, September 12, 2015

When I see you in my dreamland.

I wanna share about weird dreams. Some I experienced myself some I heard from others.
Just take it from yesterday's story. My mom told me she had this weird dream. In her dream she saw a beautiful woman who was not right in the head bursting into our house swinging a parang. My mom saw me standing at the front door of which the mad woman was heading to. My mom screamed to me so that I would leave the spot immediately. I then scurried away from there and suddenly it all goes to waste. She then woke up. It was weird one. Creepy!

I always feel this creep under my skin whenever my mom told me about her weird dreams especially when I was in her dreams. Because a mom's dreams could be a hunch or premonitions of what may come. It could also be an indicator to anything that may have happened or already happened. In Islam we believe moms are sacred and to be respected three times harder than fathers.

Just weeks before my mom told me i was having an affair with a married man. What???? She had this vision in a weird dream also. Hahahahah. So funny.

Talking about weird dreams I also encountered my own versions of weird. I used to be dreaming of having these two bigg filthy frogs staring at me. These frogs were so sullied with all the oily stains all over their body. Ewwww. They were looking at me like I was some kind of criminal. It was spooky. Then I had another dream about me wearing a very dirty clothing so dirty one would puke at the sight of it. Even the smell could make one become squeamish and feel queasy. Blurghhh!

I had another dream of falling from a very high peak like those tall rocks in the middle of waterfalls. I stood there and was overwhelmed with fear and was catatonic to move. Suddenly out of imbalance I was falling freely from such a high place. I thought I was gonna die. However someone catched me and I was saved! I just don't know who it was but I felt like it was a man. I don't see his face because after being saved I suddenly woke up. Alas what a waste. I could've seen the face of my saviour.

Another night I saw myself as a man in my dream. It was weird and very disturbing. I am a woman. I am a straight woman. But how on the earth did I have such a mind-fucking  dream? I was baffled. It was too bizarre to comprehend.

Dreams are beautiful. But sometimes they can be nerve-wrecking and too disturbing.

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