Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kingsman and the Dangerous Haze


Sore throat, itchy eyes, runny nose, headache - all came in a complete package once one is exposed to haze. It all started in the morning of Sunday. I went to meet my sv and had my nose runny and I thought it was normal cuz I have sinusitis as it is (resdung). The room I was in was also air conditioned so no question on why I was having snorts. The environment was hazy and from afar I can see cloudy atmosphere engulfing the building and trees and cars. Some even wore masks. I didn't really fancy the idea of wearing mask as it limits my breathing and communicating. Also it doesn't let you eat properly. So I had been affected tremendously by the haze aka jerebu. 

That night, my condition worsened. I had watery eyes, and I couldn't stop sneezing. My head become heavy and I had to lay low. I went into bed earlier and had this minyak cap kapak smeared everywhere one my face until I felt irritating pain on my face especially eyes area! Duh! Too careless when it comes to rubbing minyak cap kapak all over my face. The medicated oil did soothe the pain I was having. The cooling sensation of eucalyptus and menthol really was calming. I then dozed off till 11.00 pm. I woke up and bathed and prayed Isyak, drank cold water and went back to sleep. I remembered I had things to do but I just couldn't bring myself to do those things. I was aching all over. 

Monday morning - I got worse. My nose went runny very bad. I cannot stay awake due to excessive sneezing. My sinus got so painful every time I sneeze. I opted for sleep. When I got up, I got better. My voice became hoarse, like that of a man. I drank a lot of water to compensate all the phlegm. Ewww. MONDAY evening, my back ached. It felt like having dengue fever. My joints all cracked up. 

Tuesday - I felt the same. My eye sockets went banging with pain every time I sneeze. I could lay low and do nothing except sleeping. Lame right? Went to a clinic just now and Dr said I was affected by the haze. All those particulates in the contaminated air got jammed into my throat and infected my lungs. I can barely breathe. Huhu. 

While I was resting due to my sickness, I watched Kingsman again and again. I didn't get tired of watching the same movie. Slouching in the couch, I had my eyes glued on the TV watching Eggsy struggling to fit in the elite world of secret spy service. I always never get tired of watching good movies. I never did. 

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