Monday, October 05, 2015

life lessons

One thing I figured out from studying master and/ or PhD is it is very important to have FRIENDS. although you have limitless resources, top-notch facilities, high end instruments, and good SV to refer to, you need FRIENDS the most. if you have good friends, you will not suffer in silence. you get to be able to express your misery your despair and your downfalls. good friends make good companions. just tell me. which is better. being around good friends in a hell-like place or being alone in a paradise-like one??? even Adam was lonely all by himself in the Heaven.  so all in all, we need friends, or else we will be lost in madness, like i have always been - hence the blog title muwahahhaha!

friends - their presence alone can make you happy. they infect you with the viral happiness that you couldn't stop laughing nor giggling. it's hilarious how one can be crazy when being around friends. hhuuhuhu. :P

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