Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I am so scared of speaking the truth. But I cannot stand with lies, especially if I am about to make lies and distribute them to others. I am gonna be an academician. So I must not lie. I must stand rigidly with truth. I must teach the truth and speak the truth and I must not tell lies. Yeah I must!!! So tomorrow I am gonna march to see Dr early in the morning and get ready to be scolded because it took me such a long time to realize the mistake in release percentage calculations. I really am doomed. But I must face his anger coz I was the one who did the mistake. I should be reprimanded!!! Yes I know. Tomorrow I must be brazen. Take one for the team!!! Yeeahhh!! Better late than never right???? 

Harap paper tu tak publish lagi. Hurmm...

get ready to get the scolding of your life!

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