Sunday, October 25, 2015


You must not write too much of fantasy for a mature essay. You must use facts and if possible give relevant examples which are also FACTs. Elaboration is what important in describing your point so that people will have a grasp on what you were trying to convey. Do not show any inclination towards one specific religious view of racial perception-it's dangerous. You don't know who your examiner is gonna be and what background they'll be coming from. One of the most important thing is to be able to write as per instructed. They (examiners) don't wanna know what you know but they wanna see whether you are able to fulfill the tasks or not. Answer what you have been asked, not what you know. Make sure the answer is sufficiently enough. Answer all points asked. And make sure your answer is concise and precise. Coz precision is KEY. 

For speaking test, you did quite well throughout the whole test. However as per said before by Dr Saazai, you were giving sort of a negative first impression to her since you were not friendly during the introduction part and seemed not so into the mood of having the test (I was truthfully so nervous at that moment and my body language might have been interpreted as me being not in the mood but that was not actually the case). Furthermore you were using the word 'currently' too much. Hahha. It was a sign of nervousness that I tend to be repetitious. Kuikui. What else? Aah, another thing is to be sure of what you were saying. Don't correct yourself too much since it will drag your mark down. Of course realizing your own mistakes is better than not doing so but it also means non-readiness. The most important thing for SPEAKING is to be able to pronounce the word correctly. There is no mark for accent but there is surely mark for correct pronunciation. So, ENUNCIATE! Articulate each word properly and methodically. Country is not spoken as ka-oon-try. It's supposed to be ka-n-tri. Pronunciation is pro-nan-siashen. Not pro-na-oon-siashen. Take note okay peeps?

Listening test is usually the hardest of all ielts components. To me specifically. Because the accent is so alien. However throughout the whole class, I'd improved so much. FOR THE pre-test I got 21 over 40. But for post test I got 33 over 40. Yeayyy. I improved my skill in listening. But what's saddening,  my reading dropped from 36/40 in pre-test to 31/40 in post test. It was soooooo dissapointing. Huhu  so if a listening audio is easy,  reading text would be hard. It falls into balance. So be prepared. Always focus during listening and try to familiarise your ears with Australian and/or British accents so that you can catch whatever word they were saying. 

Reading part is as difficult and tricky as listening. When you answer reading passages, make sure you understand whatever text given. What is of utmost importance is not to infer!!! Infer means suggest. You must not answer what seemed to be logical to your mind. The answer must come from the text. Do not let your knowledge outweigh your sanity to extract answers from the passages. Do not be clouded by your own thoughts in giving answers. I did that a lot - letting what I know and what I feel interfere with the questions. It's dangerous. 

That's all. Good luck for your future endeavour! 

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