Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Broken Dream

I have been dreaming about you lately. What baffled me most is the fact that she also appeared in the same dream. We were having so much fun - the three of us. It's just like those three kids frolicking around in the playground, which reminds me specifically of the last scenes of I Miss You when Jung Woo and Seo Hyeon were imagining what would have been should the three of them have met one another that way.

I really appreciate it if you would go away from my life. Please don't haunt me right into my sleep. I know it's hard to put the feeling of love to your first crush away but I really want to move on with my life. You have your own life. And i also do have my own life which I am desperately living. No matter how sweet the dream was, we all know that it is hopeless to cling on to unrequited love. And even though people say that perhaps having someone appearing in your dream means they are actually missing you is nothing but a balderdash, that short moment really gave me a little happiness. But still, I must not waver. Live in reality please.

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