Sunday, November 15, 2015


Don't forget to celebrate the submission of your thesis. It is something big - being able to submit a whole thesis. So, reward yourself. 

I feel a bit happy after submitting my full thesis. The most disturbing thing is thinking that my thesis didn't adhere to UMT format, if not much. I am so afraid. But to me, format is not that important compared to the content. I had struggled to complete the content of my thesis and I should hope that format is a trivial matter and as such, I hope examiners won't nitpick nor sweat the small stuffs like that. Please don't be pedantic over small matters. And I also hope that what Mr Hanif told me could happen to me, albeit rare. He said that there was cases when external didn't show up due to emergency and only handed in a report regarding his/her examination the thesis. Lucky if the report says the thesis has no problem or maybe minor correction. Let's hope that. I am a bit scared if I had done any fundamental mistakes throughout my thesis. It's scary to have committed theoretical mistakes, especially FTIR spectrum. Huhu. I wish Allah will ease my viva. Mr Hanif said maybe it's gonna take 2 months before I will be assigned with the date for oral exam. Wooooo I feel heebie-jeebis all of the sudden. I had this goosebumps and irregular bowel movement. 

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