Monday, November 16, 2015

Fantasy of Wild Imagination

Listening to Butterfly by Melly Goeslaw ft Andhika Pratama - feeling all melancholic. Orang kata SYAHDU. Syahdu bak ang. Jiwang sangat dah kenapa. Melly really makes great music. I love all her works. All her songs are genuinely touching and can make me cry. ANDDDDD I also love Andhika and her wife Ussy. So sweet thinking how a status and age differences didn't stop them from marrying each other.

Just today, I went to submit my 4 copies of thesis to UMT graduate school. I just hope I will have good viva presentation. And I do hope examiners will be able to comprehend whatever I was writing in the thesis. In sha Allah.

I was waiting at the RMIC to submit my second application to be GRA when I saw this young lady. I asked her what she was doing there. She said she was changing her main supervisor. Wow, what a nerve! It is not something weird to change your SV but it's something rare. She must have been so brave to do so. It is so awkward to still be in the same department with your ex supervisor when you have to do research going back and forth and having to maintain steady face when bumping on one another. Phew. I bet it's gonna be hard. I however said that it's okay to do that since students actually have right if they deemed their supervisors to be not fit to supervise. Issues with SVs are something dangerous - you will have to know how to tackle them. But if things seemed like it wont change, it's not wrong for you to leave. In fact, we need to discard negative people in our life so that we can move on. Yeah! Go for it my friend!!! Good luck and best wishes. 

Leaving these 4 babies at Mr Hanif's, hoping to hear the end soon. Like Fariha said, there's no perfect thesis. So fret not, there'll be correction even after viva. Rileksss. Chillax.

Kan dia kata kene celebrate lepas submit thesis. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me so many rezeki. Hmmm. I actually feel like getting myself a new phone.  Is it gonna be Oppo? Zenfone Asus? Or Sony Experia C5? I am quite torn actually. The latter has camera 13 MP both rear and front so good for selfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this one.

which one eh?????

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