Friday, November 13, 2015

is it me? or is it you mister L?

I had been washing all day long. I felt that sudden urge to do chores by the storm. Usually I feel the swooshing urge to clean because I feel sinful and when I go for cleaning things, I would hope that all my sins would be washed away along the way. As of today, I went to wash my clothing. I swept the floor. I even mopped the floor. And then I did the laundry. What baffled me is that I don't feel lethargic at all. It's awkward. Usually by now I'll be laying down in bed and dozed off in any minutes. Just like previously when I went to help my father painting the room and didn't even feel a speck of lethargy. Only when I went to a halt after 2 hours painting and lay in the bed that I dozed off out of exhaustion. Hmm. But not this time. I literally feel zero lethargy - like at all. Is it because of perhaps lemon effect??? It cleansed my body so good that it leaves me all peachy and lovely that I don't bother having to slog my ass off doing those herculean works. It is shocking, peculiar and odd but above all it's awesome! It feels good. Finally I found a solution to living healthy and constipation-free by drinking lemon juice! It is not a lemon juice per se because I don't really add sugar. I used raw lemon, squeezing lemon slices into a glass of water and directly drink it. And while I am at it, I'd use the leftover lemon peels and rinds and scrub my face and body as a whitening and/ or cleansing regime. Guess what? It feels awesomezzzzz!

lemon lemon lemon, lemon lemon lemon~

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