Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Keep your mind sharp

A man should stay manly and a girl should stay girly. No sexual ambiguity please!! And no androgyny please! 


I am thinking about le future. I know that the blog description said it all, but at times I can't help it and wonder how tomorrow will offer me. Who I'll be meeting? What am I gonna do? Hummm. We were not promised tomorrow (Meghan Trainor & John Legend). 

Rasa macam nak pegi Pecipta. Tapi macam malas pulak. Adui. Should I go? Aku niat asalnya tak nak ikut. Tapi sebab kawan-kawan aku ikut and yang lain pun nasihat suruh aku ikut, aku pun macam nak ikut. Sedangkan aku tahu aku dah penat nak carry on masuk bertanding kali ke-3. Alhamdulillah, I did win the last two competitions but this one is far much bigger and much more important. Am I gonna go? Should I go? My dad is always mad when his children became indecisive. Bahaya katanya. Hurm. Mungkin ada benarnya. Do not do things if you were to do it halfheartedly. 

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