Monday, November 02, 2015


If Hermione is called mudblood, I should be nicknamed master of blunder or maybe, KLUTZ. because lets face it, I am not much of a girl, let alone a woman. I always tripped on wires, water hosts, chairs and several other things. Sometimes I tend to break things. I broke so many things by now, be it intentional or not. Am I jinxed??? Just now I broke the spatula (sudip nasi). It was so humiliating. I was trying to lift that piece of cutlery when my hand went uncontrolled till the plastic thing slipped through my clumsy fingers and then Panggg the thing went down right onto the floor and broke into two. Aghhh! My hands strength are akin to a man's. I have frequently grabbed and pulled and twisted my brothers' arms till they scream in pain (and sometimes retaliate me by hitting me back so hard I had to hold back tears as to show how manly a girl could be muawahahhahaa).

I always make mistakes. Its like 60% things I do in my life are mistakes and blunders. I always tend to embarrass myself.  That's why I refused to open up myself. I became secluded. I am so worried to open to others and ended up broken. Now I am feeling so sad. I just don't know why. Maybe I am hormonal??? God knows what on Earth is stirring inside this heart. Even I don't fully understand my own heart. Am I a broken toy? I walked so fast, I walked so ganas even some people asked why did I walk too fast too furious. I am so doomed. WHY AM I LIVING ANYWAY?


AIM FOR NOW: Live to help others and ease other's problems. try to help people. bring smiles to people even when you don't have enough smile....

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