Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Walking towards the front yard with that basket full of laundry, Jenna suddenly felt a pain in her left abdomen.  Oh no, this must be it! She was referring to the laxative effect which might have come due to the bottle of lemon juice she had last night. She then hastily put down the basket and went up to the toilet just to see her brother in. Oh no, it’s enough that he is my doppelganger. why do we even have to have  such a synced bowel movement? She whined and scurried to another toilet.


Argh, what on earth was that? Did I have food poisoning? Jenna strained herself trying to figure out what could possibly have been the reason as to the turbulence in her stomach that day. She moaned in pained grumble while rubbing her flat stomach. Jenna drove off to the road and reached the campus in less than 5 minutes. Walking steadily towards the building, she tidied up her backpack while straightening her messy headscarf. From the building reflection on the left, she could see herself donning that knee-length grey cotton blouse paired with the flowy chiffon skirt and flowery headscarf. She saw some people moving about the lobby and she went straight to the elevator. There, her eyes caught a sight of Mr Janitor. She then waved and said “Hai Mr Jay! How are you this morning?” while smiling peacefully. Mr Janitor then smiled back and said “Never better this morning, Jenna. I had the soundest sleep last night. Thanks to your detox advice, I finally get to wake up to a peachy morning.”

He grinned from ear to ear. “Glad you had such a nice sleep.”
Last week during a lunch, Mr Janitor had complained to her about having trouble sleeping at night and when he woke up he usually feel excessively tired and helpless. Therefore, Jenna offered her a detoxifying solution – lemon juice. She was glad MR Janitor finally got something good out of it, unlike for her who got diarrhoea just this morning.

After Mr Jay got out of the lift, Jenna proceeded to level 4. In 10 seconds, the metal door opened and she saw Mr Nil standing outside. She then smiled and greeted “Hallo Mr Nil."

"Good morning. Nice shirt!” Mr Nil smiled and said Hello to her. “You look happy? Any good news?”

Jenna then went on and on about what she experienced this morning. And then she ranted about the girl she met before who said that the way she dressed made that girl felt suffocated. That girl didn’t wear a decent clothing herself and to Jenna, she’d got no right to condemn her way of dressing when she herself wore indecent garment. The list went on and on and on, till Mr Nil started to feel cramp in his leg.

If and only if were this conversation true. Actually it has been tampered with wild imagination. Hahhaha~ I wish I can be more friendly with people around me but I always end up being stuck up. I failed to mingle around freely hence causing me to become so secluded and scarcer than ever.

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