Friday, November 13, 2015

Skeptical, Prejudice and Chauvinistic

I still remember when I was given that chauvinistic look approximately two weeks ago when I went to UNiSZA. My presence at that playground with my younger brother might have prejudiced the eyes of those people. When we arrived, I realized the glares and the people were ogling us like we were some kind of thieves. We were there just to use the gym facilities just like everybody else. So what's the problem guys?

I suspected the prejudice might have stemmed from the fact that we might look like a couple. Pffttttt. Yeah I must admit it that we do not look similar. Most people we meet before said that we look totally different. Hello there. Siblings are not all look-alike. When it comes to genetic, it is pivotal for all to know that siblings would not inherit the same traits from their parents - some may get more traits from either mom or dad. So no wonder la if you see the brother has dark skin while the sister has fairer skin (ewah). Therefore, one cannot simply figure out whether we are siblings or not simply by looking at us and make a foolish prejudgment. So having fed with  the information as what their eyes suggested, we might had been interpreted as a couple or in other words, lovebugs! I ignored those people looking at us like we were robbing the place and resumed exercising. We know that couples were deemed indecent to come out like that in the public. Because in the vicinity area of UMT and UNiSZA, the sight of couple courting and dating is quite ubiquitous and people here really hate couples as they would do indecent things and all. So it was not surprising to be taken as a couple when we came out like that. 

After some time, two foreigners came to the gym. They came from Africa I guess. I tried not to make any eye contact with them as to avoid any unnecessary small talk. I used to interact with these people and they could be very chatty you know. So I went on stepping those immobilized bicycle-like equipment and gave less care to these two buddies. Not long after, I heard them approaching the small group of chauvinistic people who were so proud giving me and my brother hard stares. From what I heard one of them is a PhD student who just finished his master. Another one was a bit younger since he had just finished his degree in computer science.  They both came from Kano. The PhD student asked whether two of them were siblings because they looked similar.

Not long after, the two buddies came approaching me and saw me with my brother on the equipment. When our eyes meet, he asked me while pointing to us,


He asked. 

I then took the opportunity to answer his question LOUDLY as to make the chauvinistic people aware and conscious;

"No, siblings. We are SIBLINGS!"

I almost screamed. Hahahhaha. I guess he was himself shocked to see me repeating my word. And I was sure those people really heard my words.

"Oh, but you two look different."

He replied with a wee bit astonishment.

"Yes, we look different right? But we are siblings,"

I smiled at him. Then I could feel a sudden change of cloud when those people who stared us before suddenly started smiling at us. It was like having this water-laden clouds being cleared away by gushes of wind to a clearing of sun rays penetrating through the parted clouds. See? I was right when I felt that they took us as a couple. And how their stares had changed to smiles after learning we were siblings. Come on people!!! Don't be judgmental lah sangattt!!!!

These two people looked exactly the same right?? Yeah of course - they are brothers!

Yang ni tiga orang aku rasa muka lebih kurang padahal langsung takde pertalian. King Khan (SRK) ada iras jesadaporn pholdee (Thai actor) yang kebetulan ada jugak iras Choi Si Won (Korean singer - SUJU). Adoiiii. Tengok? Even muka sama pon bukan semestinya adik beradik tahu dok??? Gambar Jesadaporn tengah pakai kot hitam kemeja biru tu sama cam muka siwon!!! Adooi!!!!!!!!!

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