Thursday, November 19, 2015

Triple A alias Asa Ekom: The Awakening of the Secret Spy Ring

Hey you. Yeah you. I am talking to you la... You seem to be poised and confident. You seem to be very careful of what you say so that you won't get any trouble for any foul word coming out of your mouth (yeah you mister goody-two-shoes). But inside that bulky head of yours, nobody really knows what stirs inside.You always tiptoe around people who could benefit you in every way. And you always make sure every thing you do or gain is according to your own set of plans. Hence you plan and design everything in scrutiny so that all your hopes and dreams won't slip through your brawny hands. At times, you try your best to look great and successful in any attempt of completing your aim and ambition. You do not really wish to be looked down and perceived as a weakling who cannot do even simple things. Your independence reflects your ego. You do things as you seem fit hence all of your doing is adhered to your own "brand" of protocols. Arghhhhh!!!! This is killing me. How I wish your EGO could slit you in the throat. Grrrrr....


I think this neighborhood is being eyed by an espionage, or more accurately, a secret spy ring. Because there is this suspicious middle-aged woman who loves walking from house to house to ask for money. But there could possibly be something else behind the veil - she might be coming from a secret society of highly trained Intel. She might be acting like a beggar with that messy hairdo and weird clothing, walking unsteadily under the blazing sun with that frantically moving head held high to the sky. She would pass by our home and stopped for some money. The way she gave Salam was weird, because instead of 'Assalamualaikum' she'd say 'Asa ekom.' - the greetings which bear no meaning at all. Even in Islam it's haram to answer such meaningless greetings. At times, she would address my father "Aji, aji, aji." which means haji. I laughed so hard when we ended up calling her "Aji Aji Aji" or as I dubbed it, Triple A. Kind of sounds like a type of battery, don't you think? 

But above all, what strikes me as odd is that she didn't smell bad. Usually that kind of people (read: beggars) are always emanating odors. She seemed to be sane and sober. Although she looked all messy, she could actually understand what we said and even comprehend sarcasm and mocking! That really shocked us. That is among the reasons why we started to feel all suspicious about this woman. What built up to our hill of suspicion is that there was another guy who was eating at our Sambut Menantu ceremony without actually being invited. He came up with the similar messy appearance as the woman mentioned earlier - tight short, messy shirt, undone hair and dirty face. My father didn't hush him away though. He just ate and then left. It was weird. I think it is not impossible for these spy ring to infiltrate into society as a bunch of hobos/beggars coz people won't give a damn about these 'lunatics' and they tend to do things and talk freely even when these people are present. But as what they say about how deceitful the appearance might be, they could actually are very aware of their surrounding more than we are. I still remember my father advised me to control whatever I say in public because these bunch of spies may hear what I say and they could hold me in jail should my words defame some people of higher hierarchy or they could be even disclosing some secret info. It's treacherous and pernicious and deleterious. Keep that mouth shut will you? These people are masters of disguise. You don't know how they'll pass on - it could be a cat, or a busboy, or even a plate!!

Okay enough ranting. Go to sleep and let's hope the over-confidence thang and Triple A won't sully my sweet dream. 


good bye Mr Egotastic!

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