Sunday, December 27, 2015


Hi readers. Err, is there any reader by the way? Hm. Snort not. You know why people don't really read what you write. Maybe because your posts are mostly self-centered and if anything, a wee bit narcissistic. Lewls. 

Quite recently, I didn't have anything in mind to write about. It's quite fair to say that I was in the state of hiatus. It was strange because I can rant about random things here in my blog. But lately, I have no mood in writing. I just don't know why. Maybe because of the humongous blow by a friend saying my fb posts were so emotional that I quit writing for a while. What I realize now is that how chubby my fingers are. See how unrelated my points could be?

I have been thinking about serious things. My head is now in SERIOUS mode. So not comfortable. I may have writer's block right now.

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