Friday, December 11, 2015


Sometimes I have this weird dream, a dream I repeatedly had in my sleeps for several nights. I used to be dreaming about a place, a bizarre place where I saw a very large field and the field is green in color. It is more like grassy field and there was a small wooden cottage with one whole space inside the cottage and there I was all alone in the kitchen cooking something to eat. By the stove there was a window from which I can see the splendid view of the mountain. I smiled and feel peaceful and content. On the right side of the cottage there was a veryyy big bushy and shady tree and it is really similar similar to the one at my campus now and this is probably why I always have this kind of weird feeling whenever I walk pass that tree in my university days on the way to the eatery. There is some kind of special attachment I have with that big tree that sometimes I blurted stupid things like, "Hey this tree is beautiful. Can I pull it out off the ground and have it planted in front of my house?" which left my friends dumbfounded. Yeah I am always silly that way. In the front door of my cottage there was a desire path  leading to the Forest. I walked along the path and I saw myself going into the thick forest and then I just woke up from my sleep. And this is how the same dream keep repeating itself. It is so mind blowing and peculiar and eccentric. I really wish that I can go to the same place again. Maybe for real. And this time, I wish I'd find something or perhaps, someone inside the thick forest so that I won't be alone anymore....

the following is the added text on 12/7/2016 after having read Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.

reading this post makes me feel so weird thinking about how my dream is similar to the realm Kafka Tamura went to through the entrance. and it seemed like what i experienced was similar to Miss Saeki, who was 15 year old at that time. in the novel, Kafka went into a cabin deep into a forest where Miss Saeki was cooking for him. i feel awkward and weird having read a story from a novel which somehow relates to me in the most unnerving way that it makes me cringe all over.

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