Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Awkward Moment when...

I think being a lecturer suits me the most. Coz I really enjoy teaching. Not to say that I am good at explaining things per se, but I can deliver what I want to the people asking me. Albeit at times I tend to lose focus and didn't understand what my supervisor says becauee I went spacing out that eventually feeling all embarrassed when caught red-handed. Muwaahahaha!

Preparing samples for Pecipta 2015.

First trial, memang tak jadi. Mujur decide nak buat second gellan gum solution. Harap menang GOLD la nanti Dr ye? Heheheh. 

Kawan-kawan yang menceriakan hidupku dikala merasa sedih dan gundah gulana. Kawan-kawan yg tidak mengharapkan apa2 kebendaan (read: expect anything of me) but sincere friendship and companionship, which are I hope, to be reciprocal. Sekadar meng-selfiekan diri kami pon da cukup bagus dan best. Hikhik. 

The awkward moment when being asked by sv;

"So you stay single ke nanti nak fly UK?"

Lolsssss.... Muka jadi pelik dah. Mampu gelak je. Dahla depan aku tu ada Bella ngan Helmi. :(

But I think I am getting more mature in facing that question. Though for some it might feel revolting to be asked like that in front of fellow friends, I could still maintain my cool and proceed with my doing. Hehe. :)

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