Thursday, December 17, 2015

Things I Despise

There are several things which are not really my cup of tea. I would always try to avoid these things (if possible):

1) Pulut + durian
I don't like the combination of these two. I don't ever relish the thought of having that pungent smell of durian mixed with glutinous rice inside my mouth. Eww. What more if we eat those inside coconut milk gravy. To me, it is unacceptable. I often close to puke myself whenever I had to eat this meal. Sorry durian lovers. But if it's durian crepe, I'll for sure eat the whole box! I just simply love the synchronous taste of durian flesh and soft cream in a harmonious blend of tantalizing durian crepe. Simply irresistible!

2) Smell of grass after rain
I found this disliking to be quite odd since most people I meet said that they really enjoy the smell of freshly rain-washed grass after the rain stop. To me, I hate it. Coz the smell somehow made me feel sad. I don't know why - I just do. Weird right? I think it was due to the fact that I hate the feeling on rainy days. I like rains since rains are wonderful since they'd wash the earth and cool things. However, I always associate rains with sadness. When it rains, it feels like somebody is crying and that made me inexplicably sad. I could be sad out of nothing. So emotional.

3) Waiting
I really hate waiting, especially after a fixed appointment date. When you promise me to meet at 7, please be sure to reach me by then. 15 minutes late is enough to make me grumpy. Punctuality is so important in my life.

4) Hairfall
That's why I hate combing my hair! Hehehe. I'd rather let my hair dries itself in the breeze than having to watch strands of hair falling off of my head.

5) Food in santan
Ermmm. Such as gulai, kari, masak kurma, beriani and some others. But I love nasik lemak. Hehehe. I don't like santan-ish gravy. I would get full  too fast hence I'd not enjoy the food. If I were to choose, I'd pick sambal with nasi. I'd be happier that way.

6) Chicken breast
Gosh I really hate this! I'd rather not eat if my KFC plate has a chicken breast instead of thigh or drumstick. Chicken breasts are arguably the most nutritious part of a chicken due to its lowest fat content. Nevertheless, the dryness of this part can really choke me. And I just can't take it. Will avoid it at any cost.

7) People who took me for granted.
Should I say more?

8) Non-standard franchise food
Hmmm. Just like my favourite Pizza Hut's Prawn Olio Spaghetti. Always changing. Never perfected.

9) Being corrected in public
I always find this humiliating. If you want to correct me, please use proper tones and words. If not, I won't even hesitate to diss all your sayings and you would find your efforts worthless.

10) People who don't practise what they preach
Hm. I think most people are with me in this.


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

rugi xsuka cili padi jannah we... fave tuu... hahaha.. sb tu sy gemok. haha.

Jαnnαhツ said...

saya pon suke cili. tapi masak cili padi mmg x ah. x gemor. haha. dulu makan kat negeri 9 mmg yg pedas gile. mmg berabok air mata. dok suke ngak mende2 santan hehe.

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