Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Yellow Power

I thought lemons are overrated fruits, until I tried myself living with these yellow balls of miracle. Eheh.

Once, I used to get very exhausted just 1 hour after a walk at the mall, window shopping with my girlfriends. I lamented my pain to my friends. They felt weird coz they didn't seem to be tired at all when I was aching all over - cramped and all. When I was drench in sweat, they kept on walking steadily around the mall while I was dragging my feet behind..it was too cruel. Huh. I love window shopping, but it caused bloated feet.

However, strangest thing had happened last Friday. I was walking so fast from convention centre to Suria KLCC in several loops but i didn't feel tired as much as I did before when I went shopping with my friends. It was so mind-blowing and tad magical. I remembered exactly that that morning, when I reached the exhibition floor, I had to go back to Suria KLCC which is probably 2 kilometer from Hall 4 of Convention Centre because my supervisor asked me to go buy some stationeries for our booth. I thought - kinokuniya! And Kinokuniya is in top floor of Suria KLCC. Hum.. so it seemed like I had to walk some more. Some more? I think sooo much more. Not to mention the  same repeating lane I was traversing back and forth like a mad girl looking for her lost keys. Hahaha. I didn't know how to get to kinokuniya from convention centre hahaha hence the straying. When I asked a friend to come with me then only we found the store. Yeah it's like what they say, two is better than one.

When we succesfully searched the store, we sat by the bench and relaxed after the long walk. My friend said she ached all over and that's when I was wondering why didn't i feel lethargic at all. Coz by then I should have been gasping for air out of exhaustion together with cramped legs and bloated feet. I was what???? Then I remembered that I had one new routine in my life which I just practised since 3 months ago. I drank lemon juice. So they say lemon juice can detox you so well that you would feel invigorated and energetic to face the day. Wow???! That's when I told my friend to start drinking lemon juice. I was so enthusiastic and ecstatic when telling her that lemons would do her good. I can give my benevolent testimony. 100% guaranteed. Hehehhe.

I seriously offer you the goodness of lemon juice. Just buy fresh lemons at the market and squeeze the juice for good detoxifying agent. Yiehhhaaaaa!

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