Monday, October 26, 2015

Grace and Beauty

"Awak da ade orang ke?"
Orang? Maksud?
"Tak. Maksud saya, awak da ade calon ke?"
(Read: calon suami)
Hm. Dalam maksud tu.
"Tak ade. Saya tak de sapa2. Xde calon pun lagi." *muka stoic aka poker face*
"Kenapa tak nak kawen? Kawen lah."
Isk dia ni. Bukan aku taknak kawen. Of course la aku nak kawen okay. Ni soal jodoh. Grrr. Mentang2 la dia da ade suami ensem. Mentang la suami bawak kete Audi, pakai baju Tommy Hilfigher, kasut Dr Martin, spek Rayban, (eh??)
"Hmm. Entah lah awak. Saya bukan taknak kawen. Tapi..." *sambil kesat spek nak cover mood yg semakin dilute aka tawar*
"Macam tak caye awak takde calon lagi. Awak ni cantik, lawa, kelakar, smart, bergaya dan sebagainya." *sambil cuit bahu*.
(Read: exaggerated tone)
Weeeweeett, apakah??! Hahahahaha. Baru je nak marah terus tak jadi.
"Eh. Apa kaitan cantik ngan kawen. Ni soal jodoh la awak. Jodoh saya x sampai lagi la tu kotnye. Mungkin sebab jerebu kuning sebab tu tak nampak." *sambil kepit hidung kononnya nak halang jerebu padahal nak cover kembang hidung aka nose flare*
Hahahahahahaahha! Pon boleyh.
Truthfully,  how can one simply conclude that one doesn't wanna get married when one seemed to be single and feel happy about it.  Who knows what resides in our fragile heart? Who knows whether they're indeed struggling in the search for the other halves or feeling all stoic that they are freely living the life as it is. Do not treat them as if they don't have feelings. We love you who care for us  by asking us about marriage but don't say things that make us feel bad about being single. Yes I admit being with someone is better than being alone, let alone that that someone is someone as special as a husband - someone to accompany you till your last breath (hopefully). Me myself, I do have that desire to be with someone special and live happily ever after. Who wants to spend their life through old days alone???
But then again, it's all about JODOH. the fate is something beyond our control. So we need to feel happy. Just sit tight and wait for that someone to fall off from the sky! lmfao!

Sehari sebelum daftar kursus IELTS. pegi round Mitsui Outlet kat KLIA2. Mak aih barang kat situ mahal bebenor. Orifice from Japan la katakan hahaha (hoi, origin la. bukan orifice). Henset koyah masih molek masa nie. Tiada siapa yg tahu enset ni bakal pecah skrin pada hari Sabtu seminggu kemudiannya. Wahahahahha!

Seminggu berkelana di Nilai. Havoc sangat kawan-kawan. Mekasih geng. Thanks for making me wanted and loved. Aww jiwang pulak kite. Kihkihkih.

Malam tu skali Izah ajak pekena mi udang kat bulatan ke KTM Nilai. Sedap gile tapi pedassss! Memang aku makan tak habis. Alamak membazir pulak kita. SHooosh setan pi main jauh2!

Hari last lepas Listening test. Muka kelegaan hehehe. Suka kawan ngan Nusairah nie. Budak UIA. Comel je orangnya. And yang paling tak bleh blah, asal ade cerita konspirasi je mesti dia pandang aku. hahahahhahahha!!! obvious sangat ke aku ni jenis suke cakap pasal teori konspirasi lagi kontroversi??? Ngehngeh. Si Jannah pulak, perut ada orang tapi rupa dia tak macam mengandung pun. Waklek je Jannah nie. Steady betul mommy-to-be ni. Hahahhaa.

Hari last jumpe Aten Islamabad. Dah bergelar Dr dah aten nie. Comel je roommate universal aku nie. HAAHHAHAHAHA!

Ha! Nilah yang jadi kalu terlebih esaited jumpe adik kat UNITEN. Sampai pecah enset. Hadoiii.... Terbang fulus aku dekat rm500 nak kene repair enset orang. tu lah len kali jangan excited sangat. nanti datang bahana. AyyoooooO~~~~

Makan best kat Mid Valley. Sarapan yg bisa buat kau lapar..... 

Lunch bersama abang dan adik. Lap  you alllss.

Muka serius tengah bincang nak beli beg macam mana untuk mama kami. 

Ended up jadi model tak berbayar utk bag2 yang tengah sale gile-gile punya lahh!

hamboi esaited pengantin baru sampai pakai helmet dalam kereta hahahaha!

bye-bye. see you sometime in 100 million years.

masih teringat lagi rasa early riser KFC itu hari. yummy!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


You must not write too much of fantasy for a mature essay. You must use facts and if possible give relevant examples which are also FACTs. Elaboration is what important in describing your point so that people will have a grasp on what you were trying to convey. Do not show any inclination towards one specific religious view of racial perception-it's dangerous. You don't know who your examiner is gonna be and what background they'll be coming from. One of the most important thing is to be able to write as per instructed. They (examiners) don't wanna know what you know but they wanna see whether you are able to fulfill the tasks or not. Answer what you have been asked, not what you know. Make sure the answer is sufficiently enough. Answer all points asked. And make sure your answer is concise and precise. Coz precision is KEY. 

For speaking test, you did quite well throughout the whole test. However as per said before by Dr Saazai, you were giving sort of a negative first impression to her since you were not friendly during the introduction part and seemed not so into the mood of having the test (I was truthfully so nervous at that moment and my body language might have been interpreted as me being not in the mood but that was not actually the case). Furthermore you were using the word 'currently' too much. Hahha. It was a sign of nervousness that I tend to be repetitious. Kuikui. What else? Aah, another thing is to be sure of what you were saying. Don't correct yourself too much since it will drag your mark down. Of course realizing your own mistakes is better than not doing so but it also means non-readiness. The most important thing for SPEAKING is to be able to pronounce the word correctly. There is no mark for accent but there is surely mark for correct pronunciation. So, ENUNCIATE! Articulate each word properly and methodically. Country is not spoken as ka-oon-try. It's supposed to be ka-n-tri. Pronunciation is pro-nan-siashen. Not pro-na-oon-siashen. Take note okay peeps?

Listening test is usually the hardest of all ielts components. To me specifically. Because the accent is so alien. However throughout the whole class, I'd improved so much. FOR THE pre-test I got 21 over 40. But for post test I got 33 over 40. Yeayyy. I improved my skill in listening. But what's saddening,  my reading dropped from 36/40 in pre-test to 31/40 in post test. It was soooooo dissapointing. Huhu  so if a listening audio is easy,  reading text would be hard. It falls into balance. So be prepared. Always focus during listening and try to familiarise your ears with Australian and/or British accents so that you can catch whatever word they were saying. 

Reading part is as difficult and tricky as listening. When you answer reading passages, make sure you understand whatever text given. What is of utmost importance is not to infer!!! Infer means suggest. You must not answer what seemed to be logical to your mind. The answer must come from the text. Do not let your knowledge outweigh your sanity to extract answers from the passages. Do not be clouded by your own thoughts in giving answers. I did that a lot - letting what I know and what I feel interfere with the questions. It's dangerous. 

That's all. Good luck for your future endeavour! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Perks of being a researcher

It's been quite a relief when I got to get away for a bit from the hectic life in umt. A week of escape really gets me refreshed and invigorated. I get to relinquish from all the burdens of master life and instead I came here to keep up with friends who are in the same boat as I am. It's so good and so nice. As of for the ielts, I feel relieved to have known about all the format and tips regarding the test. To me, we need both luck and practice.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


To me I found it a bit hard (especially the text of reading) but I think I managed to do better in this compared to the pretest we did on the very first day of the course amidst several of my friends saying they did worse on this one. I really hope that I'd get better mark so that this seven-day journey won't go to waste. Huhu.

To Do is not available -

Tggu emel puan nor hafiza lanjutan sem within this week.

Kene start emel lecturer overseas cari tempat belajar.. For listening component of ielts kene dgr BBC online streaming radio to get used to accents and all.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ielts Preparatory course

Jerebu teruk. Hidung saya pedih. Tekak saya sakit. Saya batuk2. Tapi saya suka kelas English ni. Mungkin sebab dari kecik lagi saya suka English. I'd been instilled with the love for English. my mom helped me by buying all those English books and mags. Therefore till now I have such an unbridled passion for English. hip hooray!

Monday, October 12, 2015

learn to love you, mr lemon.

its so amazing how this small yellow fruit can help you loss weight and detox you. i once was prejudice towards lemon. i don't like lemons. i liked sour fruits like young mangos but i don't like limes. i just dont know why i hate lemons. even lemons are truthfully excellent for detox. usually i'd have lemons as scrubs during bath to clear my skin.  the only citrus i can bear drinking is calamansi juice with asam boi. simply refreshing. 

just today, i ate apple for breakfast. and i drank a glass of lemon infused water. it really detox me well. see, the power of lemons? i really need to opt for lemons after this...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bila Hati Berbicara

Adakah ini perlu? Macam rasa bangga pun hado haha.... Emm. Padahal mende simple je. Cuma ayat 'your article was the most read publication from your department' really made me smile.. :P

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I am so scared of speaking the truth. But I cannot stand with lies, especially if I am about to make lies and distribute them to others. I am gonna be an academician. So I must not lie. I must stand rigidly with truth. I must teach the truth and speak the truth and I must not tell lies. Yeah I must!!! So tomorrow I am gonna march to see Dr early in the morning and get ready to be scolded because it took me such a long time to realize the mistake in release percentage calculations. I really am doomed. But I must face his anger coz I was the one who did the mistake. I should be reprimanded!!! Yes I know. Tomorrow I must be brazen. Take one for the team!!! Yeeahhh!! Better late than never right???? 

Harap paper tu tak publish lagi. Hurmm...

get ready to get the scolding of your life!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kingsman and the Dangerous Haze


Sore throat, itchy eyes, runny nose, headache - all came in a complete package once one is exposed to haze. It all started in the morning of Sunday. I went to meet my sv and had my nose runny and I thought it was normal cuz I have sinusitis as it is (resdung). The room I was in was also air conditioned so no question on why I was having snorts. The environment was hazy and from afar I can see cloudy atmosphere engulfing the building and trees and cars. Some even wore masks. I didn't really fancy the idea of wearing mask as it limits my breathing and communicating. Also it doesn't let you eat properly. So I had been affected tremendously by the haze aka jerebu. 

That night, my condition worsened. I had watery eyes, and I couldn't stop sneezing. My head become heavy and I had to lay low. I went into bed earlier and had this minyak cap kapak smeared everywhere one my face until I felt irritating pain on my face especially eyes area! Duh! Too careless when it comes to rubbing minyak cap kapak all over my face. The medicated oil did soothe the pain I was having. The cooling sensation of eucalyptus and menthol really was calming. I then dozed off till 11.00 pm. I woke up and bathed and prayed Isyak, drank cold water and went back to sleep. I remembered I had things to do but I just couldn't bring myself to do those things. I was aching all over. 

Monday morning - I got worse. My nose went runny very bad. I cannot stay awake due to excessive sneezing. My sinus got so painful every time I sneeze. I opted for sleep. When I got up, I got better. My voice became hoarse, like that of a man. I drank a lot of water to compensate all the phlegm. Ewww. MONDAY evening, my back ached. It felt like having dengue fever. My joints all cracked up. 

Tuesday - I felt the same. My eye sockets went banging with pain every time I sneeze. I could lay low and do nothing except sleeping. Lame right? Went to a clinic just now and Dr said I was affected by the haze. All those particulates in the contaminated air got jammed into my throat and infected my lungs. I can barely breathe. Huhu. 

While I was resting due to my sickness, I watched Kingsman again and again. I didn't get tired of watching the same movie. Slouching in the couch, I had my eyes glued on the TV watching Eggsy struggling to fit in the elite world of secret spy service. I always never get tired of watching good movies. I never did. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

life lessons

One thing I figured out from studying master and/ or PhD is it is very important to have FRIENDS. although you have limitless resources, top-notch facilities, high end instruments, and good SV to refer to, you need FRIENDS the most. if you have good friends, you will not suffer in silence. you get to be able to express your misery your despair and your downfalls. good friends make good companions. just tell me. which is better. being around good friends in a hell-like place or being alone in a paradise-like one??? even Adam was lonely all by himself in the Heaven.  so all in all, we need friends, or else we will be lost in madness, like i have always been - hence the blog title muwahahhaha!

friends - their presence alone can make you happy. they infect you with the viral happiness that you couldn't stop laughing nor giggling. it's hilarious how one can be crazy when being around friends. hhuuhuhu. :P

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