Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ore no Kanashimi

For Rosinante, Law was the only person around whom he could truly be himself. 

A little background here for those who aren’t familiar with the strangeness that is the tardigrade – the microscopic water creature grows to just over 1 mm on average, and is the only animal that can survive in the harsh environment of space. 

I found these two forms of sentences to be so strange and unique. If I were to construct a sentence with the similar context, I would say "For Rosinante, Law was the only person who he could truly be himself around." Errr, macam pelik je. Macam nak kata "You are the one I am feeling comfortable with." or is it correct to say it like this, "You are the one with whom I am feeling comfortable." But according to Sheldon, the latter is correct. Huhu.

I am sad today because of two things. First, I was being reprimanded due to lackadaisical acts of leaving my heating solution unattended. Second, due to the act of someone blaming me for things that has got nothing to do with the current situation and I was being blame. I am so full of rage and pain and anger!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

p/s: kanashimi wo yasashisa ni - turn sadness into kindness

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Murah Rezeki Bhai

Let's perform solat Dhuha. It opens the door of sustenance. Believe me, I had been there, done that.

Islam is THE way of life. If you want to see how beautiful this religion is, you will need to do a little bit reading. Grab a Quran. It contains all truth and truth. Quran is the past, the present, and the future of our life. YTF right?

Quran is like a handbook to living happy in this world and to attain Jannah in the Hereafter. It contains various stories regarding the past events and also things which are going to happen in the future. Quran also contains tips and ways of living in your daily life - from waking up in the morning to getting in bed during nighttime. As mentioned earlier, Islam is THE way of life.

Jom hafal Quran banyak2. Kiamat dah dekat.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Handsome Cars are Dream Cars

Masa kecik suka main V-Rally game lumba kereta. Dan aku sangaattttt suka pilih kereta compact yang ala-ala Satria Neo (adik aku cakap Peugeot 206).

Ni teh Peugeot 206. Sleek aight???

Pastu atas jalan raya bile drive bawak Exora tu, mata selalu terpaku bila tengok kereta yang ala-ala peugeot tu. Wow. Macam yang kat bawah nie lah.

KIA Rio.

2016 ford fiesta st price and performances #2

Ford Fiesta yang sangat --------- awesome!!

2016 ford fiesta st review and price #55

Ford Fiesta memang win. Stylish, sporty, sleek and cunning. Boleh tak if aku nak Ford Fiesta as hadiah kawen??

Proton SUPRIMA ni pun cantik. Cuma dia besar sikit berbanding yang atas2 tu.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Handsome Honda CIVIC

Tesla Roadster. 

Triple A alias Asa Ekom: The Awakening of the Secret Spy Ring

Hey you. Yeah you. I am talking to you la... You seem to be poised and confident. You seem to be very careful of what you say so that you won't get any trouble for any foul word coming out of your mouth (yeah you mister goody-two-shoes). But inside that bulky head of yours, nobody really knows what stirs inside.You always tiptoe around people who could benefit you in every way. And you always make sure every thing you do or gain is according to your own set of plans. Hence you plan and design everything in scrutiny so that all your hopes and dreams won't slip through your brawny hands. At times, you try your best to look great and successful in any attempt of completing your aim and ambition. You do not really wish to be looked down and perceived as a weakling who cannot do even simple things. Your independence reflects your ego. You do things as you seem fit hence all of your doing is adhered to your own "brand" of protocols. Arghhhhh!!!! This is killing me. How I wish your EGO could slit you in the throat. Grrrrr....


I think this neighborhood is being eyed by an espionage, or more accurately, a secret spy ring. Because there is this suspicious middle-aged woman who loves walking from house to house to ask for money. But there could possibly be something else behind the veil - she might be coming from a secret society of highly trained Intel. She might be acting like a beggar with that messy hairdo and weird clothing, walking unsteadily under the blazing sun with that frantically moving head held high to the sky. She would pass by our home and stopped for some money. The way she gave Salam was weird, because instead of 'Assalamualaikum' she'd say 'Asa ekom.' - the greetings which bear no meaning at all. Even in Islam it's haram to answer such meaningless greetings. At times, she would address my father "Aji, aji, aji." which means haji. I laughed so hard when we ended up calling her "Aji Aji Aji" or as I dubbed it, Triple A. Kind of sounds like a type of battery, don't you think? 

But above all, what strikes me as odd is that she didn't smell bad. Usually that kind of people (read: beggars) are always emanating odors. She seemed to be sane and sober. Although she looked all messy, she could actually understand what we said and even comprehend sarcasm and mocking! That really shocked us. That is among the reasons why we started to feel all suspicious about this woman. What built up to our hill of suspicion is that there was another guy who was eating at our Sambut Menantu ceremony without actually being invited. He came up with the similar messy appearance as the woman mentioned earlier - tight short, messy shirt, undone hair and dirty face. My father didn't hush him away though. He just ate and then left. It was weird. I think it is not impossible for these spy ring to infiltrate into society as a bunch of hobos/beggars coz people won't give a damn about these 'lunatics' and they tend to do things and talk freely even when these people are present. But as what they say about how deceitful the appearance might be, they could actually are very aware of their surrounding more than we are. I still remember my father advised me to control whatever I say in public because these bunch of spies may hear what I say and they could hold me in jail should my words defame some people of higher hierarchy or they could be even disclosing some secret info. It's treacherous and pernicious and deleterious. Keep that mouth shut will you? These people are masters of disguise. You don't know how they'll pass on - it could be a cat, or a busboy, or even a plate!!

Okay enough ranting. Go to sleep and let's hope the over-confidence thang and Triple A won't sully my sweet dream. 


good bye Mr Egotastic!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hybrid of Pinecone, Cactus and Nugget

Introducing Hedgehog.

Comel sangat-sangat! Melting tahu tak.

I am reaching for the sky!!! Yahooo~~~~

(link to cuteness overloaded!)

Fantasy of Wild Imagination

Listening to Butterfly by Melly Goeslaw ft Andhika Pratama - feeling all melancholic. Orang kata SYAHDU. Syahdu bak ang. Jiwang sangat dah kenapa. Melly really makes great music. I love all her works. All her songs are genuinely touching and can make me cry. ANDDDDD I also love Andhika and her wife Ussy. So sweet thinking how a status and age differences didn't stop them from marrying each other.

Just today, I went to submit my 4 copies of thesis to UMT graduate school. I just hope I will have good viva presentation. And I do hope examiners will be able to comprehend whatever I was writing in the thesis. In sha Allah.

I was waiting at the RMIC to submit my second application to be GRA when I saw this young lady. I asked her what she was doing there. She said she was changing her main supervisor. Wow, what a nerve! It is not something weird to change your SV but it's something rare. She must have been so brave to do so. It is so awkward to still be in the same department with your ex supervisor when you have to do research going back and forth and having to maintain steady face when bumping on one another. Phew. I bet it's gonna be hard. I however said that it's okay to do that since students actually have right if they deemed their supervisors to be not fit to supervise. Issues with SVs are something dangerous - you will have to know how to tackle them. But if things seemed like it wont change, it's not wrong for you to leave. In fact, we need to discard negative people in our life so that we can move on. Yeah! Go for it my friend!!! Good luck and best wishes. 

Leaving these 4 babies at Mr Hanif's, hoping to hear the end soon. Like Fariha said, there's no perfect thesis. So fret not, there'll be correction even after viva. Rileksss. Chillax.

Kan dia kata kene celebrate lepas submit thesis. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me so many rezeki. Hmmm. I actually feel like getting myself a new phone.  Is it gonna be Oppo? Zenfone Asus? Or Sony Experia C5? I am quite torn actually. The latter has camera 13 MP both rear and front so good for selfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this one.

which one eh?????

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Don't forget to celebrate the submission of your thesis. It is something big - being able to submit a whole thesis. So, reward yourself. 

I feel a bit happy after submitting my full thesis. The most disturbing thing is thinking that my thesis didn't adhere to UMT format, if not much. I am so afraid. But to me, format is not that important compared to the content. I had struggled to complete the content of my thesis and I should hope that format is a trivial matter and as such, I hope examiners won't nitpick nor sweat the small stuffs like that. Please don't be pedantic over small matters. And I also hope that what Mr Hanif told me could happen to me, albeit rare. He said that there was cases when external didn't show up due to emergency and only handed in a report regarding his/her examination the thesis. Lucky if the report says the thesis has no problem or maybe minor correction. Let's hope that. I am a bit scared if I had done any fundamental mistakes throughout my thesis. It's scary to have committed theoretical mistakes, especially FTIR spectrum. Huhu. I wish Allah will ease my viva. Mr Hanif said maybe it's gonna take 2 months before I will be assigned with the date for oral exam. Wooooo I feel heebie-jeebis all of the sudden. I had this goosebumps and irregular bowel movement. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Skeptical, Prejudice and Chauvinistic

I still remember when I was given that chauvinistic look approximately two weeks ago when I went to UNiSZA. My presence at that playground with my younger brother might have prejudiced the eyes of those people. When we arrived, I realized the glares and the people were ogling us like we were some kind of thieves. We were there just to use the gym facilities just like everybody else. So what's the problem guys?

I suspected the prejudice might have stemmed from the fact that we might look like a couple. Pffttttt. Yeah I must admit it that we do not look similar. Most people we meet before said that we look totally different. Hello there. Siblings are not all look-alike. When it comes to genetic, it is pivotal for all to know that siblings would not inherit the same traits from their parents - some may get more traits from either mom or dad. So no wonder la if you see the brother has dark skin while the sister has fairer skin (ewah). Therefore, one cannot simply figure out whether we are siblings or not simply by looking at us and make a foolish prejudgment. So having fed with  the information as what their eyes suggested, we might had been interpreted as a couple or in other words, lovebugs! I ignored those people looking at us like we were robbing the place and resumed exercising. We know that couples were deemed indecent to come out like that in the public. Because in the vicinity area of UMT and UNiSZA, the sight of couple courting and dating is quite ubiquitous and people here really hate couples as they would do indecent things and all. So it was not surprising to be taken as a couple when we came out like that. 

After some time, two foreigners came to the gym. They came from Africa I guess. I tried not to make any eye contact with them as to avoid any unnecessary small talk. I used to interact with these people and they could be very chatty you know. So I went on stepping those immobilized bicycle-like equipment and gave less care to these two buddies. Not long after, I heard them approaching the small group of chauvinistic people who were so proud giving me and my brother hard stares. From what I heard one of them is a PhD student who just finished his master. Another one was a bit younger since he had just finished his degree in computer science.  They both came from Kano. The PhD student asked whether two of them were siblings because they looked similar.

Not long after, the two buddies came approaching me and saw me with my brother on the equipment. When our eyes meet, he asked me while pointing to us,


He asked. 

I then took the opportunity to answer his question LOUDLY as to make the chauvinistic people aware and conscious;

"No, siblings. We are SIBLINGS!"

I almost screamed. Hahahhaha. I guess he was himself shocked to see me repeating my word. And I was sure those people really heard my words.

"Oh, but you two look different."

He replied with a wee bit astonishment.

"Yes, we look different right? But we are siblings,"

I smiled at him. Then I could feel a sudden change of cloud when those people who stared us before suddenly started smiling at us. It was like having this water-laden clouds being cleared away by gushes of wind to a clearing of sun rays penetrating through the parted clouds. See? I was right when I felt that they took us as a couple. And how their stares had changed to smiles after learning we were siblings. Come on people!!! Don't be judgmental lah sangattt!!!!

These two people looked exactly the same right?? Yeah of course - they are brothers!

Yang ni tiga orang aku rasa muka lebih kurang padahal langsung takde pertalian. King Khan (SRK) ada iras jesadaporn pholdee (Thai actor) yang kebetulan ada jugak iras Choi Si Won (Korean singer - SUJU). Adoiiii. Tengok? Even muka sama pon bukan semestinya adik beradik tahu dok??? Gambar Jesadaporn tengah pakai kot hitam kemeja biru tu sama cam muka siwon!!! Adooi!!!!!!!!!

is it me? or is it you mister L?

I had been washing all day long. I felt that sudden urge to do chores by the storm. Usually I feel the swooshing urge to clean because I feel sinful and when I go for cleaning things, I would hope that all my sins would be washed away along the way. As of today, I went to wash my clothing. I swept the floor. I even mopped the floor. And then I did the laundry. What baffled me is that I don't feel lethargic at all. It's awkward. Usually by now I'll be laying down in bed and dozed off in any minutes. Just like previously when I went to help my father painting the room and didn't even feel a speck of lethargy. Only when I went to a halt after 2 hours painting and lay in the bed that I dozed off out of exhaustion. Hmm. But not this time. I literally feel zero lethargy - like at all. Is it because of perhaps lemon effect??? It cleansed my body so good that it leaves me all peachy and lovely that I don't bother having to slog my ass off doing those herculean works. It is shocking, peculiar and odd but above all it's awesome! It feels good. Finally I found a solution to living healthy and constipation-free by drinking lemon juice! It is not a lemon juice per se because I don't really add sugar. I used raw lemon, squeezing lemon slices into a glass of water and directly drink it. And while I am at it, I'd use the leftover lemon peels and rinds and scrub my face and body as a whitening and/ or cleansing regime. Guess what? It feels awesomezzzzz!

lemon lemon lemon, lemon lemon lemon~

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Walking towards the front yard with that basket full of laundry, Jenna suddenly felt a pain in her left abdomen.  Oh no, this must be it! She was referring to the laxative effect which might have come due to the bottle of lemon juice she had last night. She then hastily put down the basket and went up to the toilet just to see her brother in. Oh no, it’s enough that he is my doppelganger. why do we even have to have  such a synced bowel movement? She whined and scurried to another toilet.


Argh, what on earth was that? Did I have food poisoning? Jenna strained herself trying to figure out what could possibly have been the reason as to the turbulence in her stomach that day. She moaned in pained grumble while rubbing her flat stomach. Jenna drove off to the road and reached the campus in less than 5 minutes. Walking steadily towards the building, she tidied up her backpack while straightening her messy headscarf. From the building reflection on the left, she could see herself donning that knee-length grey cotton blouse paired with the flowy chiffon skirt and flowery headscarf. She saw some people moving about the lobby and she went straight to the elevator. There, her eyes caught a sight of Mr Janitor. She then waved and said “Hai Mr Jay! How are you this morning?” while smiling peacefully. Mr Janitor then smiled back and said “Never better this morning, Jenna. I had the soundest sleep last night. Thanks to your detox advice, I finally get to wake up to a peachy morning.”

He grinned from ear to ear. “Glad you had such a nice sleep.”
Last week during a lunch, Mr Janitor had complained to her about having trouble sleeping at night and when he woke up he usually feel excessively tired and helpless. Therefore, Jenna offered her a detoxifying solution – lemon juice. She was glad MR Janitor finally got something good out of it, unlike for her who got diarrhoea just this morning.

After Mr Jay got out of the lift, Jenna proceeded to level 4. In 10 seconds, the metal door opened and she saw Mr Nil standing outside. She then smiled and greeted “Hallo Mr Nil."

"Good morning. Nice shirt!” Mr Nil smiled and said Hello to her. “You look happy? Any good news?”

Jenna then went on and on about what she experienced this morning. And then she ranted about the girl she met before who said that the way she dressed made that girl felt suffocated. That girl didn’t wear a decent clothing herself and to Jenna, she’d got no right to condemn her way of dressing when she herself wore indecent garment. The list went on and on and on, till Mr Nil started to feel cramp in his leg.

If and only if were this conversation true. Actually it has been tampered with wild imagination. Hahhaha~ I wish I can be more friendly with people around me but I always end up being stuck up. I failed to mingle around freely hence causing me to become so secluded and scarcer than ever.

Keep your mind sharp

A man should stay manly and a girl should stay girly. No sexual ambiguity please!! And no androgyny please! 


I am thinking about le future. I know that the blog description said it all, but at times I can't help it and wonder how tomorrow will offer me. Who I'll be meeting? What am I gonna do? Hummm. We were not promised tomorrow (Meghan Trainor & John Legend). 

Rasa macam nak pegi Pecipta. Tapi macam malas pulak. Adui. Should I go? Aku niat asalnya tak nak ikut. Tapi sebab kawan-kawan aku ikut and yang lain pun nasihat suruh aku ikut, aku pun macam nak ikut. Sedangkan aku tahu aku dah penat nak carry on masuk bertanding kali ke-3. Alhamdulillah, I did win the last two competitions but this one is far much bigger and much more important. Am I gonna go? Should I go? My dad is always mad when his children became indecisive. Bahaya katanya. Hurm. Mungkin ada benarnya. Do not do things if you were to do it halfheartedly. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Istimewa insan bergelar WANITA

Berdiri bulu roma bila membaca nya..
"Ketika Allah
menciptakan wanita, malaikat datang dan bertanya,
"Mengapa begitu lama engkau menciptakan wanita, Ya Alllah ???"      

Allah menjawab:
"Sudahkah engkau melihat dgn teliti setiap apa yang telah aku ciptakan untuk wanita?"
Lihatlah dua tangannya mampu menjaga banyak anak pada saat bersamaan, punya pelukan yang dapat menyembuhkan sakit hati dan kerisauan, dan semua itu hanya dengan dua tangan".      
Malaikat menjawab dgn takjub,
"Hanya dengan dua tangan? tidak mungkin!"
Allah menjawab,"Tidakkah kau tahu, dia juga mampu menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri dan boleh bekerja 18 jam sehari".
Malaikat mendekati dan mengamati wanita tersebut dan bertanya,
"Ya Allah, kenapa wanita terlihat begitu lelah dan rapuh seolah-olah terlalu banyak beban baginya?" 
Allah menjawab,"Itu tidak seperti apa yang kau bayangkan, itu adalah air mata."      
"Untuk apa???", tanya malaikat. 
Allah melanjutkan,
"Air mata adalah salah satu cara dia menunjukkan kegembiraan, kerisauan, cinta, kesepian, penderitaan, dan kebanggaan, serta wanita ini mempunyai kekuatan mempesona lelaki,ini hanya beberapa kemampuan yang dimiliki oleh wanita.
Wanita dapat mengatasi beban lebih baik daripada lelaki, dia mampu menyimpan kebahagiaan dan pendapatnya sendiri,
Dia mampu tersenyum ketika hatinya menjerit kesedihan,mampu menyanyi ketika menangis,
menangis saat terharu, bahkan tertawa ketika ketakutan.
Dia berkorban demi orang yang dicintainya,
Dia mampu berdiri melawan ketidakadilan,
Dia menangis saat melihat anaknya adalah pemenang,
Dia gembira dan bersorak saat kawannya tertawa bahagia,
Dia begitu bahagia mendengar suara kelahiran.
Dia begitu bersedih mendengar berita kesakitan dan kematian,
Tapi dia mampu mengatasinya.
Dia tahu bahwa sebuah ciuman dan pelukan dapat menyembuhkan luka.    
Allah S.W.T berfirman:         
"Ketika Aku menciptakan seorang wanita, ia diharuskan untuk menjadi seorang yang istimewa.
Aku membuat bahunya cukup kuat untuk menopang dunia,
namun, harus cukup lembut untuk memberikan kenyamanan."     
    "Aku memberikannya kekuatan dari dalam untuk mampu melahirkan anak dan menerima penolakan yang seringkali datang dari anak-anaknya. "    
     "Aku memberinya kekerasan untuk membuatnya tetap tegar ketika orang-orang lain menyerah,
dan mengasuh keluarganya dengan penderitaan dan kelelahan tanpa mengeluh." 
"Aku memberinya kepekaan untuk mencintai anak-anaknya dalam setiap keadaan, bahkan ketika anaknya bersikap sangat menyakiti hatinya."
"Aku memberinya kekuatan untuk menyokong suaminya dalam kegagalannya dan melengkapi dengan tulang rusuk suaminya  untuk melindungi hatinya."  
"Aku memberinya kebijaksanaan untuk mengetahui bahwa seorang suami yang baik takkan pernah menyakiti isterinya,
tetapi kadang menguji kekuatannya dan ketetapan hatinya untuk berada disisi suaminya tanpa ragu."   
"Dan akhirnya, Aku memberinya air mata untuk dititiskan.
Ini adalah khusus miliknya untuk digunakan bilapun ia perlukan." 
"Kecantikan seorang wanita bukanlah dari pakaian yang dikenakannya, susuk tubuh yang ia tampilkan, atau bagaimana ia menyisir rambutnya.
Kecantikan seorang wanita harus dilihat dari matanya, kerana itulah pintu hatinya, tempat dimana cinta itu ada."    
Allahuakbar... specially dedicated kepada semua  wanita disana dan disini. Istimewanya seorang Ummi dan beruntungnya dijadikan sebagai seorg wanita. ‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‍‌��‌‌‍‌‌‌

Copy paste dari group whatsapp

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Like I am gonna lost you

Bersama adik2 MRSM Besut untuk Bengkel Research Skills: How to Write Efficient and Collaborative Proposal by UMT with MRSM Besut Students. Baik2 je adik2 ni. Visionary dan berprinsip. Permata negara yg x ternilai. Belajar sungguh-sungguh ye dik. Jom sama-sama bangunkan negara kita. Banzaaii!

Sedih pulak kita. Rasa macam dikhianati. Dalam pada dipilih jadi fasi dan dijanjikan kebajikan akan terjaga sepanjang program, rupanya janji dicapati sampai lunyai. Dari pagi sampai ke petang makanan tak disediakan! Kata nak fasi ramai, tapi makanan disediakan untuk 15 orang je sedangkan yang datang 30 orang. Ape dah pengurusan. Ingat kami ni malaikat ke buat keje takpayah makan. Memang tak patut lah. Adui adui adui! *tepuk kepala*. Dahla mula-mula kata nak suh kami monitor sampai pukul 1 tghari. Last-last kene escort adik-adik sampai pukul 4.30 ptg. Makanan takde. Hmmm what to make out of it huh??

*mode bengang*

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Demam Undercoat

Tadi aku beria tolong ayah ngan adik aku cat bilik. Actually, aku tolong cat asas je (undercoat). Boleh tahan seronok mengecat rupanya. Harhar. Yang aku tak paham nape aku tak berpeluh pun mengecat padahal dekat 2 jam jugak aku pulun mengecat, dengan terpaksa mendongak atas bawah. Dahla bilik tu dekat 15 kaki gak tingginya. Memang sakit tengkuk nie. Niat di hati asalnya nak kuruskan lengan berlemak nie, tapi memang tak berhasil sangat lah sebab tak berpeluh sangat pon. Berhuhu je lah.

Yang paling tak tahan bau dia lah - mak aiiiiii pedih hidung! Bahaya kan bau cat nie. Boleh rosak paru-paru. Nauzubillah.

Dalam pada syok mengecat tu, ralit pulak bercakap ngan ayah aku. Huhu. Rupanya trait suke bercakap tak berenti-renti ni datang dari papa ai. Hahahahaha. Memang anak ayah kot. Selalu menempel kat ayah. Masa kecik pun salu tido ngan ayah and main ngan ayah. Ayah ayah ayah! Sampai sekarang kamcing walaupun slalu gak gaduh pasal politik (harharhar). Aku kalu cakap pasal tu memang emo. Ayah aku pon boleh tahan berapi. Kihkih. Gaduh-gaduh pom baik jugak lepas tu. Asal hidang air teh sedap terus bleh berbaik semula. LOLSSSSS.

Dalam pada bercakap tu, ayah aku kata,

"Kakno biasa dok juppe orang hokk bbaiik ngan kite sebab nak mende ngan kite?"

Hmmm. Aku selalu dah jumpe manusia macam nie. Memang spesis ni jenis sombong, tegur kite pon sebab nakkan sesuatu daripada kite. Tu je. Kalau tak de apa-apa hal, memang langsung tak layan pom. Memang angin lah dengan orang macam nie. So aku tak boleh jadi macam tu. Akan dicop sombong nanti. Hahha.

"Sokmo doh juppe ngan orang gitu aboh. Ramai je."

Pahtu ayah aku sambung,

"Orang jenis gitu kalu mende molek ye kata dia buat, kalu mende uduh ye kata kita."

Okay yang ni aku tak boleh nak relate dengan diri aku. Sebab tak pernah kene ke aku. Hahha. Mungkin ayah aku penah kene dengan orang macam nie. Kesian pulak. Ragam manusia kan? Memang pening. 

Begitulah ceritanya antara intipati perbualan anak beranak. Lepas cat sebahagian, aku surrender. Terus masuk bilik pengsan. Hahahhaha! Letih okay?


Friday, November 06, 2015

Pretty yet intimidating?

I love to see women wearing glasses. Coz with glasses, they'll look stylish and smart. 


Aku ni jenis yang suke berdendam. Actually, bukan suka. Tapi dah nature aku suka simpan perasaan benci tu kat orang kalu orang tu tak layan aku macam yg aku expect lagi2 kalu dia layan aku dengan buruk dah berpuluh2 kali. Dan benci tu lagi kaw bile orang tu jugak expect aku layan dia baik padahal dia layan aku mcm sampah. Mana boleh. Kau layan aku macam aku ni sampah, then expect aku layan kau bak raja. Memang tak ah. Kalu equation kimia pun tak balance okay? Meletup reaction kau nanti.

Tapi yang malangnya, even when aku tak suke kat orang tu, aku akan jadi FAKE/HYPOCRITE kat depan dia. Aku akan berlagak aku ni taka de apa-apa, macam aku takde harbour any hard feelings whatsoever dekat dia and layan dia macam aku layan kawan2 lain yang aku suke. Padahal dalam hati “kecik besar, kecik besar je aku tengok”. Hahaha. Memang jenis bukan pandai luahkan ketidakpuasan hati. Pun bagaimana walau, dalam hati je aku benci. Kat luar aku takdelah nak sabotage dia ke, malukan dia ke. Atau harap berlaku perkara buruk ke kat dia. Tak. Aku bukan macam tu. Aku cuba latih diri aku, sekuat manapun perasaan negative tu kat seseorang, aku akan cuba untuk kawal. Tak boleh biar negativity invades the heart sampai hati membusuk dengan dengki dan benci tak bersempadan. Ewah. Hati biarlah berbunga dengan pohon kasih sayang. Barulah hidup tenang. Belajarlah untuk memaafkan orang, duhai hati. Allah takdirkan kau jumpa orang macam tu sebab nak suruh kau rasa peritnya tidak diendahkan dan peritnya dipulaukan atau dilayan macam kau ni bukan siapa-siapa. So lepas ni, bila kau da tahu macam mana sakitnya perasaan dilayan sebegitu, seharusnyalah kau ambik pelajaran. Layan orang lain baik-baik. Tolong orang sehabis baik. Be mature lah lepas nie. Even when people give us hard times, we should try to stay calm and move on with our life and act as if nothing ever happened. As if whatever they do or whatever they say don’t even leave a scratch on you. Yeah. Revenge is like letting people renting a room in our head free of charge. What a waste would that be isn’t it? Better think about other good things.

Cuba cari muka paling kuat kebencian. Just so you know, dalam hati masa ni sangat happy okay? Tapi terjemahan ikut muka?? Memang 180 darjah beza. Hahahha. So just bayangkan kalu dalam hati tengah bara, muka macam mana.

You are what you think. What people say would not hurt you if you don’t allow yourself to be hurt by their words. Macam bagi aku, susah nak jadi macam tu. Kata-kata orang memang akan buat aku terkesan. Aku ni jenis mudah ambik pusing dengan mulut orang. Dan first impression biasanya sangat dalam dan sangat bahaya. Kalau da mula-mula kau dah buat hal ngan aku, memang sampai bile-bila otak aku akan programme kau macam tu. Nasib lah. Bahaya kan. Itulah yang dinamakan embedding. Embedding - first piece of info that we get made us believe in a probably a diverging way that no matter how other facts which may come after won’t change our belief. It is a term to describe our tendency to latch on to the very first piece of information making us ignore the successions of info coming after.

Maafkanlah orang lain. Even kau dengan Tuhan pun banyak dosa, Tuhan boleh ampunkan. Maafkanlah manusia. Semua ada masalah masing-masing. Sebab tu lah lahirnya personality yang banyak dan berbagai.

Aku ingin jadi matang. Aku ingin jadi manusia yang memaafkan dan sanggup korbankan perasaan ini demi orang lain. Namun, dalam hidup ni, kita takkan boleh satisfy semua orang. Memang akan ada waktu orang akan terluka sebab kita. Dan akan ada jugak lah waktu kita yang akan dilukai. Itulah dugaan hidup. What goes around comes around.


Ditulis dari katil empuk ketika hujan renyai-renyai .

p/s: tajuk memang langsung takde kene mengena dengan post okay?

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Kisah Donnatella Sharapova dan Muweela Jovovich

"Wey, aku tiba-tiba rasa nak kawen la," Donnatella Sharapova tersengih nakal. Dia mengukirkan senyuman pada sahabat baiknya Muweela Jovovich yang sedang menghirup air coconut shake kegemarannya itu.

"Isk, tiba-tiba je engkau nie. Dah kenapa gatal sangat nak berlaki?"

Muweela mengomel sambil membetulkan tudung corak abstraknye itu.

"Ala Muweela. Kau bukan tak tahu. Kawan-kawan kite ramai yang dah kawen dan bakal kawen. Kita bile lagi dowh?"

Ujar Donnatella. Donnatella memalingkan pandangan ke arah pantai. Terasa angin yang bertiup menerpa lembut ke pipinya. Dilihatnya sepasang suami isteri sedang bersiar-siar di tepi pantai sambil si suami mendukung anaknya yang pada perkiraannya berusia 1 tahun lebih. Macam pernah kulihat la lelaki tu, getusnya dalam hati.

"Donna. Kau sabar je lah. Jodoh itu pasti. Kalau dah jodoh takkan ke mana. Nanti ade lah tu,"

Muweela cuba menenangkan sahabat karibnya. Donnatella hanya mampu sengih terpaksa. Masam.

"Yes, aku tahu. Tapi aku risau. Kau tahu kan, nanti kalu company demote aku kat Aussie, aku nak pegi ngan sape wey? Kalu kawen, ade gak suami yang nak  teman. Takyah dah nyusahkan kau macam masa konferens kat Switzerland tuari,"

Muweela mencubit bahu Donnatella dengan lembut.

"Demote kau cakap? Wey, brapa banyak staff yang harap dapat keje overseas. Kau boleh plak cakap demote??? Kau tak nak ke gaji 5 kali ganda dari yang skarang nie?"

Donnatella  menjuih mulutnya. Ada apa sangatlah dengan gaji banyak tu? Dunia tawu dok. DUNIA!

"Huh. Aku taknak ah kalu bleh kene pegi sana. Sesak ah. Serabut rase. Unless kalu ada someone yang boleh teman aku. Huhu,"

Donnatella menggaru kepala. Rungsing benar rupa Donnatellla. Seakan memikirkan masalah dunia.

"Kau senang la Eela. Kau tak payah cari, sekali petik jari 10 orang mai beratur amik number nak ngorat kau. Untunglah muka cantik macam artis,"

Muweela hanya sengih.

"Kau ingat semudah tu nak cari jodoh? Kau bukan tak tahu camne lelaki2 kat luar sana tu. Banyak yang takleh function."

Muweela menggeleng.

"Dahtu, si Franky tu. Kau tolak mentah-mentah ke ajakan dia? Sampai sekarang ke? Aku tengok baik je budaknya,"

Muweela buat muka.

"Baik kau cakap?? Kau biar betul Donna?"

Franky staff ofis Muweela yang dah lama duduk admire Muweela. Lelaki gatal. Habis awek hot satu ofis dia nak sapu. Memang creepy. Memang bukan husband material la mamat tu, even gaji dekat beratus ribu sekali elaun pom. Pakai Lambo pun aku tak heran la, getus hati kecil Muweela.

"Erm excuse me, awak ni Muweela Jovovich ke?"

Tiba-tiba ada suara dari belakang Donnatella . Muweela pun mendongak. kelihatan seorang lelaki kacak sedang tersenyum. Donnatella berpaling sambil mengerutkan dahinya.

Siapakah lelaki itu?


to be continued.

Monday, November 02, 2015


If Hermione is called mudblood, I should be nicknamed master of blunder or maybe, KLUTZ. because lets face it, I am not much of a girl, let alone a woman. I always tripped on wires, water hosts, chairs and several other things. Sometimes I tend to break things. I broke so many things by now, be it intentional or not. Am I jinxed??? Just now I broke the spatula (sudip nasi). It was so humiliating. I was trying to lift that piece of cutlery when my hand went uncontrolled till the plastic thing slipped through my clumsy fingers and then Panggg the thing went down right onto the floor and broke into two. Aghhh! My hands strength are akin to a man's. I have frequently grabbed and pulled and twisted my brothers' arms till they scream in pain (and sometimes retaliate me by hitting me back so hard I had to hold back tears as to show how manly a girl could be muawahahhahaa).

I always make mistakes. Its like 60% things I do in my life are mistakes and blunders. I always tend to embarrass myself.  That's why I refused to open up myself. I became secluded. I am so worried to open to others and ended up broken. Now I am feeling so sad. I just don't know why. Maybe I am hormonal??? God knows what on Earth is stirring inside this heart. Even I don't fully understand my own heart. Am I a broken toy? I walked so fast, I walked so ganas even some people asked why did I walk too fast too furious. I am so doomed. WHY AM I LIVING ANYWAY?


AIM FOR NOW: Live to help others and ease other's problems. try to help people. bring smiles to people even when you don't have enough smile....


today i got a bit flustered by the fact that what happened didn't meet our expectations. we were so ready, we were so happy by the mere fact alone, but in the end it didn't happened as we wished. that is why they say don't get so overwhelmed by something that even we aren't sure about. when i got sad, i would sleep. and i will play piano. oh how i wish to learn how to play the left hand side of piano. i guess i'm too good (as a piano novice) to be able to play the right hand part of the song. i couldn't seem to be able to play with both hands. so disappointing. i must say that it is a bless to be able to play piano by ears - it's called perfect pitch. it is said to be a rare ability and the occurrences are not that often.

mellow melodies

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where you can reach me.