Sunday, January 31, 2016

Big Heart.


I really think that someone who can accept criticism or complaints about himself without feeling even wee sad or emotional is very amazing. Because just imagine, someone came to you and say all these kind of harsh words about you or your personality but yet you can still smile out of it and not take it personally. Instead you can even laugh at your own downfall and joke about it with your friends. But its okay to do this granted that the one doing the complaining is sincerely wanting to change you, not mocking you. 

To me, I cannot handle insulting words very nicely. I will make facial expressions showing how uncomfortable I feel about those words bombarded at me. I really respect those people with ironclad heart who can still make poker face when people insult them. That's simply amazing.

Kai who can still joke about his dark skin even when others are continuously teasing him.

Then again, right on point! He is proud of pointing out his dark skin colour as his ultimate charm. Salute bro!

Qu puteh qu puteh barulah puteh~ (Kai EXO)

Big hearted people are also forgiving. And people who are able to forgive before others ask for forgiveness are the best kind of people!!!!

p/s: Dear Kai, thanks for teaching me how to accept myself inside and outside. Thanks for teaching me to be proud of everything about me. Embrace yourself, the good and the bad. Be original, be YOURSELF!

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