Tuesday, January 12, 2016


There are certain kind of people who actually made me wanna retreat to the shell of silence and to the state of being introvert. When we are trying to be nice and talk nicely to others, they retaliate by using harsh words and nasty comments. I just don't understand how mean could people be. I just cannot simply bring myself to forgive them. They keep making me feel horrible about myself and always seek to make things I did to look bad in eyes of others. And they thought the world revolved around them. Screw these people. I really hope they'd just die, the same way I am feeling in my heart every time i heard their poking words. Oh gosh. What am I gonna do? I really wish to permanently eliminate these kind of thugs from my life. Coz the truth is I cannot tolerate those people who didn't treat me the same way I treat them. Coz I believe in the sense of justice coupled with reciprocity.

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