Sunday, January 17, 2016


I know that I am fat but I love to eat. It is okay if you love to eat and you eat a lot of food but as long as you are consistent in jogging or working out. I cannot stop myself from eating too much. One time I ate so much food that I finally become weak in the night. It is sad because my clothes are getting tight and my pants are getting smaller. It is so saddening and saddening. Although I love to watch some SpongeBob SquarePants I am so immature (what????).

masalahnya bile mu hilang dalam 10 minit pun, orang dah susah hati. and tak pasal2 aku jugak yang kene marah. padahal aku tak buat salah apa pun. sekadar tak balas mesej wasap ckp mu xde lagi kat rumah. even when i punye silap sebab tak perasan wasap masuk padahal patutnya hal kecemasan call la jgn wasap. huhu. 

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