Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Writing can make you smart

From what I read before, writing can stimulate your brain. So don't worry much about the language nor the content, just keep writing what comes to your mind. I really love writing, and I had been writing since I was small maybe around 7 year old. But at that time, I would write on scrap papers I found lying on the floor. Should I have known the presence of blogger at that time, I should've had millions of blog posts by now. Hehe.

Although a lot of my friends said that my posts were - if anything - wee bit emotional,  I don't care. Even when people say my writing is reek of fury or arrogance, I don't really bother. Cos to me, to be able to express my feelings is far more important and satisfying than having to tiptoe around people about what are stirring in my heart. I don't forget how I wished to become an English teacher when I was small. I was mesmerized and infatuated by English-language that at the mere age of 8-year-old I had decided to become an English teacher. But Allah knows what's best. Ever heard how things you like is not necessarily good for you and things you dislike is not necessarily bad for you? That's just how He works with my life. He knows best.

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