Monday, February 22, 2016

Minus Five Kilogram

I am feeling so happy because I already lost 5 kilos and now I am aiming for another 5 kilo drop from my body weight. My previous weight was 70 kilogram uols!!! So scary and my BMI was approaching 25 (overweight)!! I think the best BMI for my height of 170 cm is around 65 kilogram (current weight). the BMI is around 21 if I have the weight 65 kilograms and although this is the ideal body weight, I think I need to drop another 5 kilogram in order for me to look healthier and feel awesome. Okay let's see what my diet plan was that I have been following to reach this goal.

First I eat only a handful of rice with other lauk like ikan or ayam. Then I drink a lottt of water. What probably be the main reason is that I drink that special concoction I have prepared myself: Halia plus lemon plus lime plus green tea really do the tricks. Alhamdulillah. At the same time I also go for the aloe vera drink to smooth my bowel movement.

So after this gonna maintain this way of life so that I will stay healthy unlike before. Gotta take care of myself a lot better.

because I had pear shaped body, I focused on losing weight for my lower body part. As a result, my torso is getting chubby. ughh.

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